The ABC of A Happy Life – Infographic

ABC of A Happy Life

Looking to live a happy life? Want to simplify the life you are living? Here is a simple, yet effective, recipe for leading a happy life with your loved ones. It is called the

ABC of a Happy Life.


Now, praying to your Lord is the most important aspect of living a peaceful and a fruitful life. If you are not loyal to your Creator, you can never be loyal to any of HIS creation. And if you are already in remembrance of your Lord, then there is no need to boast about this aspect of your life. Quietly remember your Lord and seek HIS help in all your life matters.



There you have it. A simple to remember and to the point recipe for living a peaceful and a blessed life. It is so simple that even a kid can understand, yet so complex that even adult don’t comprehend. It is all about understand what is best for everyone. If we all are careful about what we do, to whom we give our love, and to whom we submit, we all will be happy to be alive. The rate of suicides, crime, and hatred would decrease. We have made it so hard to live a peaceful life that we hardly understand the real meaning of it.

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