4 Aspects To Help You Cope With Life After College

I heard you are about to complete your graduation and embark upon a new journey of life. Interesting. Well, I have some newsflash for you. It is about to get tough and your life is just about to get started. I cannot help you much about your coming life, however, […]

20 Years On…Things Are Still The Same

20 years on…it is still all the same! It is only the magnitude that changed through out these years. 20 years ago, we had our school backpacks hung onto our shoulders. Today, we have our office bags hung onto our shoulders with our laptops and presentations. 20 years ago, we […]

The Sunshine Blogger Award Comes To The Desi Writer

I have been blogging for a long time. I started off with Blogspot and ended up with WordPress. Never ever did anyone nominate me for the Sunshine Blogger Award. However, things are now different. I am so glad to share that I have been finally nominated for the Sunshine Blogger […]

An Open Letter To Pakistan

Pakistan, the land we all call our home. Let me preface this note by saying that I have keenly observed many events in my country, hence, this is me intimating my thoughts and views via an Open Letter to Pakistan and its Residents. To Whom It May Concern Ever since […]

23 Life Lessons I wish I had Known Before

Looks can be deceiving, so don’t rely on them. There is a reason why you should never judge a book by its cover. Try to walk away from relationships you are not happy with, when you have the time to walk out. The moment you get too involved in them, […]

[Review] The Skin Maskuerade – Korean and Western Beauty Products At Your Doorstep

Skin care is an ever-evolving science. It requires the right balance – diet, water, exercise, supplements, products – to have a glowing, soft skin. Take it from someone who spent more than 50k bucks on getting his skin repaired, it is a tedious job. If you are taking the right […]

Marriage Is Not A Fairytale

For times uncountable, a 20-something girl dresses up in bright colored clothes (and for those who can afford…in Khaadi or J.), with properly groomed hairs and a perfect fake smile to greet new guests (read: rishtewaale), who are going to decide if they find her suitable or not for marrying […]

An Open Letter To Someone I Intend To Marry

This is a guest contribution from one of our readers who wanted to keep his identity a secret. Walking down the road of life, we often meet people who leave away nothing but footprints on our heart. Even if we try, we can’t erase them. They are no special people, […]

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