Ever since hopping on to Facebook, we have all read statuses that are awful. They need to stop. ASAP! I remember posting status updates on Facebook when I joined it for the first time. But that stopped soon. Less updates and less visits started becoming a norm. And now I just simply check my Facebook…Continue Reading “6 Facebook Status Updates that Need to Stop Right Now”

An old saying in Urdu, well…still valid! “Kuttay ki dumm hamaisha tairhi rehti hai” I have seen people change over a new leaf from being no one. There are so many “flowers” around me which, at times, used to be conical thorns, but have now turned into ripe roses, willing to spread smiles on others….Continue Reading “Kuttay Ki Dumm Hamaisha Tairhi Rehti Hai”

open letter to graduates

Since last week, I have been getting a lot of invitations to graduation parties. Some of my friends have completed their universities and are now ready to embark upon the real journey of life. My apologies for not being able to attend to the invitations. However, I do have some things to say to all those…Continue Reading “Open Letter To All Those Who Just Graduated”

balancing life

I believe age is quite a high price to pay for maturity. It’s not been too long since I have been around. I am not an overgrown, mature-retard who has had the “all-that-you-wish-for” life, heck; i am not even near to being a mature. I believe age is quite a high price to pay for…Continue Reading “I am 28 And This Is What I Have Learned About Life So Far”


I am not sure what I was thinking when I stopped the car and signaled her to come in and sit. I am sure I was never going to get laid. I was not in the mood to have sex with her and never wanted to trespass her dignity. I was not raised up like…Continue Reading “A Conversation With a Prostitute”

I just got done with another round of Boy Meets World. I couldn’t resist myself from watching it all over again, specially after going through the much anticipated sequel to the famous 90’s show , Girl Meets World. Boy, I must say there were so many lessons in the prequel to this era’s Girl Meets…Continue Reading “Boy Finally Meets World”

Most Used Words By Women

We all have certain words in our that we keep on hand for routine usage. However, there are certain words which women use more often than others that have a different meaning to what they actually mean when using those words. Disclaimer: This is not a definite list. If you find any word that maybe missing…Continue Reading “9 Words Women Use And What They Actually Mean”