Women Empowerment

Smile Is A Women’s Best Makeup

Doctor: Congratulations, its a girl! Father: Oh…thank you. Doctor: Huh? You’re a father now, why such a gloomy face? Father: Because I wanted a…SON! This isn’t something new in third world countries. Sad, but, true. Women are seen as a medium of satisfying, if not for the daily chores, one’s lust. I am not going […]


E-Commerce Trends To Watch Out For In 2021

You Need To Adopt The Latest Trends As Soon As Possible. It Is As Simple As That. It May Feel Troublesome At First, But The First Mover Advantage Is Going To Help You Gather More Customers And Turn Them Into Buyers.


A Beginner’s Peek Into The World of Freelancing

You must have heard about 9 to 5 shifts, boss troubles, appraisal problems and a lot of hassles that come with a corporate life. But have you ever thought about how being your own boss would feel like? Maybe like a free bird in the sky? Right? But wait right there…before you delve into the […]

Life | Zindagi

Don’t Fall In Love With A Virgo

Virgos are some of the most real people you will ever come across in your lives. It is hard to meet anyone as honest and real as Virgos. Their brutal honesty, practical approach to life, and their ability to just be open about who they really are will force you to accept your true self.


71 Years of Pakistan – Where Did We Go Wrong?

70 years later, we are still divided among ourselves. 71 years later, we are still searching for an independent nation. As I pen this article down, I am sitting inside a McDonalds, sipping a Strawberry Shake, the whole place is filled with Green and White lights, and the streets are buzzing with fireworks, aerial firing, […]

Kora Kaaghaz

Empower Your Daughters The Way You Empower Your Sons

I often wonder why people deprive their kids of basic life skills based on their gender. Every kid deserves to be taught elementary life skills and should be well equipped with the vital expertise to survive in this world. Practical life is not a piece of cake and is highly unpredictable. Many individuals failed to […]

Open Letters That Matter

Dear Mom, I Am Sorry For Being a Failure

This post is a guest contribution. All the views expressed in this article are not from the owner of this website. Happy reading! Little did you know that I was diagnosed with Depression in my early twenties. Every day, I would get up to fight suicidal thoughts for almost a decade of my life. Every […]

Content Writing

5 Tips To Master The Art Of Content Writing

Content Writing is not a difficult job. If you are familiar with your target audience, you are already half way to creating great content. But as easy as it is to create great content, it can be easier to get lost while creating the right content. It’s easy to wander around when you are working […]