As we move on to the times of Hyperloop One, we can only imagine how fast our lives are actually moving. We are all engulfed in rat-race to beat one another and get to the top. We are forgetting just a teeny little secret: There is no rewind button in life. It only rewinds when…Continue Reading “26 Promises To My Best Friends”

ABC of A Happy Life

Looking to live a happy life? Want to simplify the life you are living? Here is a simple, yet effective, recipe for leading a happy life with your loved ones. It is called the ABC of a Happy Life. Now, praying to your Lord is the most important aspect of living a peaceful and a…Continue Reading “The ABC of A Happy Life – Infographic”

We are surrounded by technology. From our conversations to washrooms, we are engulfed in a technologically advanced world. As the world progresses, it is becoming more difficult to live without the aid of some form of technology. Be it for education or sex, we need technology. 3D printed orthotics and livable 3D printed homes are now a reality….Continue Reading “15 Signs You Are Addicted to Technology”

This is a notion with which I was brought up. Though, I never followed it, but this thing was always shoved up in my face. Being prone to accidents, I had my share of tears. But, this is not about me. I was at a supermarket, shopping for some groceries for the month. There was…Continue Reading “Boys Do Cry”


Pakistan, a so-called independent state, is still in the grips of a menace. A menace that has gripped it from its very core. The menace of racism. The menace of cast. The menace of “Who are you?” I have been working for quite sometime now and already have a few bank accounts. For the sole…Continue Reading “Pakistan’s Obsession With “Who Are You?””


Doctor: Congratulations, its a girl! Father: Oh…thank you. Doctor: Huh? You’re a father now, why such a gloomy face? Father: Because I wanted a…SON! This isn’t something new in the third world countries. Sad, but yet, its true. Women are seen as a medium of satisfying one’s devilish needs! I am not going for any…Continue Reading “Smile Is A Women’s Best Makeup”

Whenever I hear the phrase, “lives lost,” it boils me over. We have gone so inconsiderate in our approaches to humanity, including our institutions, that we don’t care about the words or the phrases we use. This is specifically the case with all the news channels that are running their nonsense on daily basis. News…Continue Reading “Lives are Never Lost, They are Taken Away!”