Why The Desi Writer?

Hi, my name is Immad Uddin Khan – an ever-curious being, always asking why, digging deeper, & ever-discovering more about life, reality, the universe we have within ourselves, and the universe we live inside. I’m at my best when I am researching and learning about new things. When I am pushed to think and look at things from a different perspective – I flourish.

What’s Is This Website About?

My passion lies with technology and I have a special interest in living an optimal life with focus on improving my health, overall mindset, and happiness. I am always on a quest to seek truth: I questions, I learn, I research, I delve deep into everything and I am always curious to find the hidden meaning. I am not afraid of walking between black & white. This site is like home for me. It is a place to collect thoughts, notes, reviews, expressions & at the same time, it is a place for me to share ideas for the world to look back and reflect upon.

Throughout my life, I craved for a place where I could speak the truth, and allow myself to evolve and speak the truth tomorrow, and day after tomorrow, and so on…even if it all was different from yesterday.

For me, this website (or WebSpace) is that sacred place.

This is my place to Evolve. Smile. Share. Learn. Rant. Rejoice.

I’ll share whatever new I learn from life. I believe everything we learn today teaches something new to live a better life tomorrow. If I learn something new that I think is helpful for living a better life, then I’ll share it now. Tomorrow, I might learn something that contradicts what I learned yesterday, but it is something that is now a part of my life – I’ll share it.

Why? Why Now?

Because one of the best lessons I have learnt over the past year of rediscovering myself is that I am the most happiest person alive when I am living in the present. I have learned to live in the present through trial and error, and I would share that with all of you. I like speaking my truth, as it currently is, without worrying about being proven “wrong” tomorrow.

I feel empowered. I feel great. I feel free. Because I have allowed myself to accept and appreciate where I am, at this moment right now…as I type this…at this stage of life right now. It is that one smile that I would not want to wipe off my face “right now”. I am really enjoying the process. It’s a real joy to be living in the present. I am glad I was able to realize how much damage I was doing to myself by living in an imaginary future and running away from a past that is long buried. I don’t have an idea as to exactly when I started living in the present, neither do I remember the trigger. What I do know is that it’s a new awakening, and now I am in a pure joyous mood.

I am now able to make amends with other people and experience relationships from a better perspective. Most of all, I am able to start a relationship with myself – something I was missing before.

I have allowed myself to be a little bit “chaotic” in front of the world. I am troublesome and have caused a lot of trouble to people I have attached myself with.

After years of struggle and path seeking, I have finally come down to this. I am combining my efforts and putting them all in one place. It is hard to manage two separate domains. However, it is not so hard to combine them together and bring them at one place. I am doing just that. Kora Kaaghaz was a venture that I began a few months ago. I did get response, but not of the kind I would have liked. So now, I have decided to incorporate my two separate ventures into one single platform – THE DESI WRITER.

Can you blame me?

I don’t mind.

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