Sesky – Cheeky, Sexy, and Scintillating

I am huge sucker for scintillating smells and they attract me a lot. I remember going to every Arabian Oud shop and my wife pulling me out from them saying

“We have been to all of them, stop going again and again, you keep on sneezing then and we spend a lot on coffee then.”

The Desi Writer Wife

But my craze for good perfumes is always there and it never goes away. I have tried J. Perfumes, Bonanza Satrangi, and other local suppliers as well, however, the thirst for that long lasting, soothing smell always remained.

Until now.

I recently came across and saw them selling their Ramadan Collection at a discounted rate. I quickly got down to ordering. Since I was ordering online, there is always this issue of having to order the right perfume with the right fragrance and the right amount of longevity.

But to my utter SURPRISE, the team at Sesky was extremely cooperative in helping me choose the type of perfume I was looking for. They recommended me the two best perfume from their collection recently.

The total price I had to pay was: Rs: 3200

Here is what I ordered:


Hadiyah Perfume from

A simple, clean and floral musk that resembles the smell of its name. Its an extremely long lasting fragrance and it can be smelled from a far distant.

Packaging (Image at the end of the post)
I ordered the 50ml pack and I am sure I got the 50ml pack as the potion is filled till the very end of the bottle, something I don’t usually see quite often.


Barakah Perfume from Sesky
Barakah from


If you are looking for a soothing fragrance, then look no further. Barakah combines the more popular rose and musk notes with a spicy floral notes to make a mature blend of fragrance. Barakah is more suitable for people looking to showcase their strong mental ability and soothing persona.


There is absolutely no compromise on the quantity of the potion. It is 50ml and makes sure that it is 50ml.

Overall Packaging:

The perfumes are packed in a cardboard box – representing the fragrance – and are then securely wrapped up in a bubble wrap before being tapped up heavily with packing tape. It is then placed in a fine printed Jute bag that is reusable. Secure Packaging

Packaging of the Contents

Volume of the Contents is so full that there is no space seen between the spray and bottle

Now, the Rating Scale

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Sesky – Cheeky, Sexy, and Scintillating

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