About The Desi Writer

“You have the passion to be creative, it is just your laziness that gets in the way every time”

This is a remark that got engraved on my heart ever since it was given to me. I believe it to be a stepping stone for me and my life. It was from a teacher who is extremely close to my heart and I will always be grateful to her for pushing me beyond own potatoes! (Yeah! I have a big ass!)

Fast forward 10 years and here I am – in front of millions (when I hit that mark) of people – with a revamped and redesigned About Me section that was never made in the first place because I was lazy to write an about me section. Over the past ten years, I have evolved and so has my writing, passions, dreams, and creativity. But everything comes with cons (says an office colleague of mine)

My laziness has evolved over time as well and it greatly affected my productivity. Till I got hold of myself and came about to write an About Me section for my own website. *That felt so good!*

Here is me introducing myself – again for those who know and first time for those who don’t know me – through another attempt at an About Me section.

Let’s do this!

Hi, my name is Khan and I am …

A Writer. (Nope, I am not going to use that cliché again)

I am a writer by heart and by passion. I am a Desi who absolutely love to write.

I was born and raised in the streets of Karachi, Pakistan and currently live with my family and the love of my life. If you are wondering, Yup, she is the “S” in The Desi Writers and the one inspiring and pushing me forward to write those beauty reviews you see (and will continue) to see on the website. Yeah, she is the one working in the background, testing all the products and providing the actual reviews.

For me, this blog is everything I have and ever wanted to have from the internet. It is my most treasured hangout spot in the whole world. This is where I spend my leisure time. This is the place that houses the feelings that I go through, the dreams that I have compiled up over the years and the regrets that I am spending my life with along with all my successes. Over time, this place has (or will) become my space for sharing that not so perfect dish that was cooked using the Hyderabadi recipe mix.

This is my second home. A place that houses my favourite laptop; my favourite fashion statement; random rants about life; dreams; life realizations; real-life fears; things that are important for life, success, and happiness; guides about life and living; travel guides; important things about life, career, education and everything I care about or I don’t care about.

I am an average desi who thrives in chaos and average surroundings. I even had a shot with a domain name (I still own it and you can purchase it if you want to) called socialchaos.xyz. I don’t judge but I sometimes fail to adhere to my own rules of life – because, hey…I am an average desi living an average life in an average household with every blessing from the Supreme Being. I am always thankful for what I have and what I don’t have.

I am not a fan of watching movies in a single sitting and I don’t watch television that much as well. I like to take life one day at a time. I have moved on from being a pro at multitasking to keeping myself focused at the work in hand. I never come down easy on myself and have my own ways of pushing myself beyond my own comfort walls.

I love staying away from all the drama in my life and love to live with peace. I am a staunch believer of “Live and Let Other Live”

I am emotional and sensitive. I cry. I laugh. I get sad. I have fought depression. I have fought my own inner demons. I have scarred myself till I dropped dead and made myself laugh out loud on silly jokes. I get myself emotionally attached to things I value a lot in my life, including my weaknesses and I find it hard to let go.

As far as my hobbies are concerned, I am an avid reader and love window shopping. No, I am not materialistic in any sense. I often go for the items on sale and those items that fulfill my need. I try to search for the best available deals on the internet and have applications like SavYour and BOGO on my homescreen. A recent hobby I have grown fond of is gardening and composting and I have my reasons to adopt this hobby. I love spending time with my family – probably one of the reasons why I have started focusing on creating my own empire instead of helping other people build theirs.

I often get myself engulfed into situations that I find hard to move out from and that is from where the chaos begins. No, you cannot relate to the life situations I go through and, similarly, I cannot walk in your shoes – literally, I just cannot because I have quite a different shoe size. My shoe size got me a remark from one of the retailers:

“Sir…is k baad toh kashtiyaan hi banti hain”

A Rude Salesperson

Yeah, he was a bit rude but you get the point. The point is, my biggest expenditure is usually on the shoes that I purchase because my size is not a normal size. Besides shoes, there is not much to spend on and I don’t find it worthy.

So you cannot walk in my shoes – as I don’t wear a normal size. And I cannot walk in your shoes. It just won’t fit. Likewise, I cannot relate to your life and you cannot relate to my life. But we can learn from each other through the moments of our life. Maybe a career change or a newborn coming into our lives or a new chapter in our lives. We’ll evolve with every moment and live together. The least we can do is try.

I’ll try to make your stay worthwhile and not so boring. The current bounce rate is something I have to work on and I am sure we all can spare a few minutes to help each other. I assure you some of those five minutes are going to be life-changing. There will be days when you will cry. There will be days when you are going to smile. And for sure, there will be days when you are going to laugh.

But we (The Desi Writer and Wife of The Desi Writer) assure you that we’ll try our best to keep you engaged and make your disconnect more meaningful. Your mind and your brain need to disconnect to reconnect to your life and its surroundings. So disconnect and come here to connect with us. We’ll keep you engaged. We’ll keep this place safe from chaos because my wife do not like chaos.

For sure, we’ll have a lot of chai together and do #chaipecharcha because chai is in the blood of my better half.

Oh and I am sure you’ll help me brew my chai and teas. 😉

That is a lot of about me us. Thank you for staying for this long.

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