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Asslam U Alaikkum. Khush Aamdeed. Namaste. Hello. Sasriyakal. Hola. Bonjour.

Mental Health. This one key phrase is often overlooked and sidelined when we talk about wellbeing of ourselves and those we love the most.

It is time we change our stance towards mental health.

Thoughts Reel is a medium for individuals with mental health issues to overcome their problems, share their story with the world, and help others do the same. Treat this as YOUR community and hold each other hands to bring them out from their pain. 

Why Thoughts Reel? Why Mental Health?

Being The Desi Writer, God has bestowed me with lots of success. Domains, affiliations, freelance work, job, virtual assistant, and blogger – its been one hell of a ride. Along the way, I was able to launch my own ventures as well only to sell them off and make some $$ out of them. 

However, I could never sell off Thoughts Reel. It held a special place in my heart and mind. Maybe because I have had issues with my mental health and I have seen a lot of people close to me facing mental health issues. Hence, the need to do something substantial kept on growing.

Then came 2020. Pandemic times. Everything seemed to have gone into reverse gear. Halfway down 2020, I lost my father. The doctors called it a heart attack. I saw it as a fight with depression. He was suffering from depression. I cannot tell if I was a reason or not, but instead of choosing to live with regrets and heaviness, I decided to channel these emotions and make something that would help the world heal – at least a little bit – from issues related to Mental Health.

Now, it is difficult to manage multiple resources. So I just decided to merge two different ventures into my own website – The Desi Writer.

I am just merging the two to form one. This does not take away the essence of Thoughts Reel and why it began. The mission remains the same.

Thoughts Reel is about the life of normal people. All those people who never got the chance to express themselves because of the fear of being judged – Thoughts Reel is for you. It is written, directed, produced and edited by the community. 

On Thoughts Reel, anything can be written and in whatever fashion possible.

Additionally, I am not forcing you to read Thoughts Reel, however, if you do decide to read it, I am sure you will not be disappointed.

I am sure we all will get to learn a lot from this medium made to assist people with mental health issues. After all, this is the main purpose of this life and this world – teaching and learning together to prosper in life. All you need is a little bit of hard work and a lot of determination.

Please be aware that most of the stories posted under Thoughts Reel are going to be real life experiences.


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