Online Meetings 101

Working from home is now a norm. Most of the big corporations are now shifting to permanent work from home setups.

Work from home means more meetings. And for some, this is a completely new setup. Here is a 101 to online meetings to help you get set up!

How to ace Online Meetings

Useful tips on how to have online meetings when you work from home!

Dress your Best

Try to look your best for the meeting. Dress as if you were having a meeting at your workplace.

Systems in Order

Double check to ensure that all your systems are working and in place. Make room for power cuts if there is a schedule.

Stick to an Agenda

Create and email the meeting agenda a day before to avoid any inconvenience.

Don’t go Overboard

Time is essential in online meetings (or any meetings) and you should never go over board.

Pay Attention

Give your undivided attention to the meeting. Online meetings are more difficult to absorb then face to face meetings.

Talk on Your Turn

Talk when it is your turn to talk to avoid noise during the meeting.

Inform Beforehand

If you are going to be late for the meeting, inform before hand.

Space is Important

Find yourself a decent spot to have the meeting. Reduce the chaos that may occur during the meeting.

Wrap up the with a Checklist

Make important notes and you may even record the meeting to refer back to it later on.

Take it Easy

Attending online meetings is a tough job. This pandemic taught us that one lesson. So take it easy and do not panic when things do not go your way.

Take a Chill Pill

Once the meeting is over, take a break. Relax. Listen to your favorite music or spend time with your family. Give your mind a break.

By now, a lot of you must have attended dozens of online meetings. How was your first experience? How are you coping with online meetings now? Let the users know and share inspiring stories!

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