26 Promises To My Best Friends


As we move on to the times of Hyperloop One, we can only imagine how fast our lives are actually moving. We are all engulfed in rat-race to beat one another and get to the top. We are forgetting just a teeny little secret: There is no rewind button in life. It only rewinds when you are about to leave for the journey of no return.

Just recently, I was in a meeting, a tense meeting. One opinion popped up: “Don’t you think we should focus on struggling and spend time on earning money? We have already spent a lot of our time with our families, friends, and hangouts. It is time we earn some bucks and focus on making a life out of it.” What my mind translated this into was this: Work your ass off. Earn a lot of bucks. And then celebrate with yourself, because during the rat-race, you’ll end up losing more than you’ll end up earning.

Again, it all depends on the perspectives. For some, time is money. For others, memories matter the most. For the rest, money is all that matters.

For those who believe in memories, friendships, relationships, quality time with family, coupled with a balanced work-life, here is something to look forwards to.

You can call these the secrets to life as well! Now these are all mixed up and that’s for a reason! Some are quite obvious, others are not! 🙂 If you have a problem with any, WhatsApp only. 😛 😉

If you don’t have a way of reaching out to one another, then you are not worthy enough to have a problem with one another. Anyways, enough of the taunting. I’ll get down to the promises.

Just a note: These are mixed up and as the heading says, these are promises for Friend “s”

  1. I am not me when you’re not you or around me. You’re the best person I have ever met in my life. So, kindly stick around! I’ll even say please for that.
  2. I will never, in a million years, let you date anyone I don’t approve of. Please note that before making reservations at your favorite hotel. 😛
  3. I won’t let you have an ugly haircut, and if you do, i’ll keep taunting you for that! 😉
  4. I vow to always tap your back while you puke..if it’s in front of me. And then I’ll laugh out loud! 😉
  5. I’m sorry about that time I didn’t told you I actually hated your friend and I still do!
  6. Thank you for listening to me while I wasn’t talking at all.
  7. Thank you for taking care of me that time when all hope was lost.
  8. Thank you for listening to me cry over how bad things are in my life.
  9. And telling me to get over stuff that wasn’t there anymore.
  10. And that everything is all well because you are now a part of my life!
  11. Thank you for standing with me in times of need. Both yours and mine. 😉
  12. I’m glad we Google some shitty stuff together!
  13. And if I’m going to be honest, I think of you the entire time.
  14. I will probably never stop texting you, just to make sure you’re by my side always! Since, technology had (and still have) a huge hand to play in our lives!
  15. Distance won’t make a difference. You’ll always be close to me.
  16. In fact, I like you more than I could have imagined! Ever!
  17. I’ll always try to be the 1st one to wish your birthday, new things every time. So, be prepared. 😉
  18. And I’ll always favorite your texts, no matter how many I get!
  19. I don’t regret a single person that I learned to hate, because you helped me laugh at that person!
  20. I am at my greatest while laughing when I am with you, physically or virtually.
  21. Travelling with you has been one heck of an experience. I pity those on the roads while we are together. 😛 I am looking forward to the plane trips now!! We going to have them soon!! IA!
  22. You are my best-man. I better be yours. Or else, forget having a “Suhaag-raat!” (You know who you are!)
  23. I promise to babysit your future children, no matter how naughty they are, they can’t be naughtier than you!
  24. I will always get you out of trouble!
  25. I will always slap you after I drag you out because you got into trouble without me!

And 26…

I will always be your best friend. You are stuck with me. So, better suck it up! You don’t have much of a choice! I am a Virgo, I don’t let go that easily. 😛

These are the promises that I am making to my best friends. What are your promises? You can share them here in the comments section below. You can even tag your friends or, best yet, keep them guessing as to which promise is for which friend. 😉 

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