15 Signs You Are Addicted to Technology

We are surrounded by technology. From our conversations to washrooms, we are engulfed in a technologically advanced world.

As the world progresses, it is becoming more difficult to live without the aid of some form of technology. Be it for education or sex, we need technology. 3D printed orthotics and livable 3D printed homes are now a reality. We have chatbots that are now delivering food, customer service, answers, and what not. We are entering a generation that is going to be powered by Artificial Intelligence. But there is a catch to all this technology.

And I am sure a lot of people are going to agree to this: Life was much easier when Apple and BlackBerry were just fruits and Samsung was selling nuts.

But now, we have all become slaves to this thing called technology. Heck, I am using the power of technology to write this post. I would then be using the power of technology to market this and then I would be using the power of technology to talk about the fact that we all have become addicted to technology. We are all a slave to the thing called technology.

Technology has taken over a portion of our lives because we have allowed it to consume our lives. We have all bowed down to the power of technology. Don’t believe me? Just walk down the street and see for yourself how many heads are bowed down on to their mobile screens. You will be amazed.

Speaking of amazing, here are some of the most unorthodox signs that can help you decide whether you are addicted to technology or not.

  1. You have stopped using “BRB” because you do not leave your device anymore.

  2. You use your phone as a calculator everywhere you go. Even during exams.

  3. The only spare time you have to charge your devices is the time when you recharge yourself, i.e. when you sleep.

  4. You cannot go to sleep without crushing that one more candy of Candy Crush.

  5. You only have time to show the world how/what you are doing through your selfies.

  6. You need glasses of different kinds to help see your screens better. Imagine for how long you have actually been looking at them.

  7. You only use Skype, Whatsapp, Viber, Line, Facebook Messenger, Hike, imo or Hangouts to talk to people, even if you live nearby or are standing in the same mall.

  8. You believe in your followers on social media and know that nothing understands you better than a “Like”, “Retweet”, “+1”, or a <3″

  9. You correct your auto-correct more than your auto-correct corrects you. Oh…and it annoys you as well.

  10. You have more Cooling Pads than you have actual cooling fans at your house.

  11. You use your phone as a pocket watch. Looking at it after every while to check what time it is only to forget to look at the time.

  12. You clean your screens more than you clean your room. Just to remove any fingerprints in case your devices get in to wrong hands. Security is a major concern. What if somebody forge your fingerprints?

  13. You can type without looking at the keys you are pressing.

  14. You never ring the doorbell. Instead, text or give missed calls to tell that you are outside.

  15. You opened this post to check whether you are actually addicted or not.

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