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9 Words Women Use And What They Actually Mean

We all have certain words in our vocabulary[amazon_link asins=’0521123860′ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’mydealsheaven-20′ marketplace=’CA’ link_id=’e66ee525-3b5b-11e8-8745-db452247356f’] that we keep on hand for routine usage. However, there are certain words which women use more often than others that have a different meaning to what they actually mean when using those words.

Disclaimer: This is not a definite list. If you find any word that maybe missing from the list, please feel free to list them in the comments section below and I’ll add them to the list.

1. “Fine.”

If you are thinking about winning an argument against your female friend, boss, your wife, or your mother – think again – long and hard. The moment a women utter the words “Fine,” you must understand that this is an alternative to end the argument. It’s officially over from her side. This is a clear signal that it is time for you to shut up and move on to something else or you’ll regret speaking again.

Fine. Whatever.

2. “Five Minutes!”

If she is dressing up for going to the mall or you are taking her out for dinner, this equates to at least a half an hour. If it is for a normal get together, then “Five Minutes!” equals one hour at least. BUT, if you are watching something on TV or you are doing something on your notebook and she needs you; then this equates to 2 minutes at max. Run.

I'll Be Ready In Five Minutes

3. “Nothing!”

She is ignoring you but you are a stubborn idiot. You keep on asking what happened and all she says is “Nothing!”. You believe it is true and carry on with your day.

A storm is coming your way. Hide. Run. Take cover. You are about to be crushed from head to toe – with words – for believing that nothing was wrong in the first place.


4. “Go Ahead!”

You get into a fight and she ends up by saying “Go Ahead!”. This is a trap! Do not fall for this! I REPEAT – YOU DON’T HAVE THE PERMISSION TO DO IT! Stay right where you are and stop doing what you are doing!

Go Ahead

5. Loud *Sigh*

“Sigh” is one of the most misunderstood non-verbal cues by men. A loud sigh means she has understood that you are an idiot and she is now wondering why she is wasting her time in arguing with you about nothing. (Remember, nothing from point #3? – Yeeup..that is the one!) She knows you are not going to listen to her and even if you do listen to her and understand what she is saying, she would still think that you are not listening to her.


6. In a low voice – “It’s Okay”

This is one of the most dangerous statement to come out from a women’s mouth. If she says “It’s Okay” – it means she wants to keep you waiting and decide how she is going to make you pay for your mistake. She is dying from the inside and by the time she utters these words, she has already scratched your hairs, grappled you, kicked you in the balls, slapped you multiple times and then cried out loud for doing all this.

Its Okay.

7. “Thanks a lot”

As a nice gesture, a simple Thank You should do, why would she say Thanks a lot? Why would she take the longer route? Simple. Because you are a goof! She is being sarcastic and you are not supposed to say “you’re welcome” in reply, that would give rise to a never ending argument beginning with a “Whatever”. Go ahead. Try it. Thank me later!

Thanks A Lot!

And…if you fell for the gif above, you are a bonafide goof! The gif is only to make cat a part of this post!

And this brings us to point #8

8. “Whatever!”

You did all you could. Made her the perfect breakfast. Didn’t wake her. Cleaned the mess in the kitchen. You did all this because you got into a fight last night. But…wait!

Did you just hear her say “Whatever”?

In that case, Run! Never come back! Don’t even look back. All hell will break loose.


9. Don’t worry about it, I got it

Yup! You are now trapped inside the emotional torture [amazon_textlink asin=’1408876833′ text=’chamber of secrets’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’immuddkha-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’f26bd2a9-b718-11e7-8c53-611a97718294′]. She asked you to do one little job – you failed miserably. It is consequence time. you are thinking of saying “Sorry”? Awww…how sweet. Refer back to point #6 to know the rest of the story.

Don't Worry About It. I got it.

YES, you still did not get the point!

It’s a fact, women are the most complicated creation of God! Extremely Complicated! However, they are the most beautiful creation as well.

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