As A 90’s Kid I Will Always Remember These Pakistani Songs (Part 3)

Top 50 Songs From 90's Part Two

Duur se koi aaye…kahiin chupke se who dil main samaa jaaye..

After a hiatus of few weeks, I am back again with the third installment in this series of blogs for some of the best “50 songs that a 90s kid can never forget”. I hope you enjoyed the other 2 blogs of the series. If not, you can always see them here (part 1) and here (part 2).

And, if you already have seen the two, let’s get down to business with part 3.

Part 3 of the 50 songs that a 90’s kid can never forget series includes songs from Strings. The start would have already hinted you about where this part is going. Starting with Duur, the flagship song of Strings which announced their return to the Pakistani music back in 2001 with the album titled “Duur.” And recently, Strings announced their departure from Coke Studio. So this calls for a tribute to them. So without any further delays, here are the next 10 songs that a 90’s kid will never ever forget.

  1. Duur

Announcing their return to Pakistani music after a hiatus of a decade, Strings came back stronger and more mature. This clearly reflected in their songs and compositions. [amazon_textlink asin=’B00NFK17AO’ text=’Duur’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’immuddkha-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’36bf9b1a-cd25-11e7-bc58-b16df01ffe6a’] was a simple composition by Bilal Maqsood and was rendered poetically in the soothing voice of Faisal Kapadia. Duur marked the arrival of Strings in a big fashion. There is no doubt that the album was a major hit.

  1. Anjanay Kyun

Another super duper song from the same album of Strings, Anjanay Kyun was sang by Bilal Maqsood. The lyrics of the song catch up with your mind and stick to your head. The guitarist composition is lyrical and rhythmically takes you into the song.

  1. Larri Ada

This is a big list. So I thought why not ask for recommendations from my friends as well. Now Larri Adda is added into this list after a personal recommendation from a very good friend of mine, Bilal Ansari. And it deserves a spot. It’s an upbeat song with Sajjad Ali’s finesse, perfect fusion of pop and bhangra which makes you tap your feet from the word go.

  1. Aansoo

If you are a real 90’s kid, then you might remember the super hit drama serial that was telecasted on PTV Prime Time? It was the first drama from Pakistan that was filmed using a digital camera. [amazon_textlink asin=’B00MRKB5CI’ text=’Aansoo’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’immuddkha-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’4b81efd2-cd25-11e7-adea-dfcf8af82991′], as the name suggests, is a song that is full of emotions and feelings that were beautifully rendered by the legendary singer and ex-junoon vocalist Ali Azmat.

  1. Keh do jo bhi

No list of favorite songs from the 90’s is complete without Junaid Jamshaid. Keh Do Jo bhi was a mesmerizing composition in the voice of my favorite singer Junaid Jamshed. This song has everything, beautiful voice, brilliant musical arrangements and soulful lyrics.

  1. Puncture ho gai meri car/Yes Love

This is one of the most happening songs from those days which had the entire cast of college jeans in its video. A paisa wasool entertaining song by Dr. Aur Billa which is a must listen.

  1. Kabhi Kabhi Pyaar Main

Another terrific composition of Faakhir, this song was not only sang beautifully but was also pictured like a drama serial. Well, you can only understand it after listening this song.

  1. Hum Tum

Yet another song of vital signs, and rightly so. Hum Tum is a slow power ballad with heartfelt lyrics and gracious voice of Junaid Jamshaid.

  1. Neend Aati Nahi

One of the earliest songs of Junoon, in fact, if you listen carefully, you’ll realize that there is a certain raw element in Ali Azmat’s voice as he sings this song. Nevertheless, this song was beautifully composed, arranged and sang. A must listen.

  1. Bebiya

Without a doubt, Sajjad Ali is one of the most versatile singers available to our music industry. Sajjad Ali’s brilliant improvisation of Khalid didi’s song proved to be a chart buster for a long time when it was first released in the year 1993. Doubt it? It is still well heard and loved by fans all around.


That is all folks! For now!

If you want me to include any songs you like, and you are a 90’s kid, then you can leave me a comment and I’ll add them in the list next time around. Till next time, adios!

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