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Lives are Never Lost, They are Taken Away!

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Whenever I hear the phrase, “lives lost,” it boils me over. We have gone so inconsiderate in our approaches to humanity, including our institutions, that we don’t care about the words or the phrases we use. This is specifically the case with all the news channels that are running their nonsense on daily basis. News is killing us. I don’t like the phrase “lives lost.” I despise the phrase. Lives are never lost, they are always taken away. Always.

Living things have been killed for centuries for materialistic gains. We never say that the life a tree was taken away because it outgrew its age. We take away lives.

Lives are taken away during street crimes, terrorist attacks, gun shootings, hunting, driving, drinking, rape, violence, domestic abuse or due to any illness, lives are always taken away.

When we are mugged on the streets, we never say our wallet was “lost”. We always say that our wallet got “stolen.” Even when we drop something on the street, we think that it has been stolen by that awkward looking stranger.


The lives in ‪#‎Orlando‬ shootings were not “lost”.
The lives in ‪#‎Syria‬ bombings are not lost.
The lives is ‪#‎Iraq‬ war are not lost.
The lives in ‪#‎Afghanistan‬ war on terror are not lost.
The lives in ‪#‎Pakistan‬ war on terror are not lost.
The lives in ‪#‎America‬ are not lost.
The lives in #CalifroniaWildFire are not lost.
The lives in #IndianCommunalViolence are not lost.
The lives in #Kashmir are not lost.
The lives in #Palestine are not lost.
The lives in #MyanmarMassacre are not lost

Lives in any of the attacks were not lost.

All these lives were taken away – forcefully, hatefully, violently and quickly.

They were taken away by man with the firepower to act on their anger.

They were taken away by man who were/are blinded by their materialistic gains.

They were taken away by man ordered to wreck havoc on innocent people.

They were taken away by laws that have failed to keep weapons out of the hands of violent people and others like him.

They were taken away because we as a society have failed to co-exist.

All these lives were taken away by lawmakers who have sold their morality for mere pennies. Their hearts do not have space to care about innocent children in schools, faithful people performing their religious duties at their preferred places or loving fans in movie theaters, or a group of socialites in night clubs. They are least bothered about the World ‪#‎Peace‬. All they care about are their needs and wants. Their lust for power and money always steals away lives of innocent people around the globe.

These lives are taken away by people like you and me who stand and watch as this tragic play unfolds in repeat mode, again and again and again. We only stand and argue as to what should not have been done rather than talking about what we should do to make sure these things never happen again.

You lose Innocence.

You lose Faith.

You lose Love


Lives at gunpoint and bombs are always taken away.

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