As A 90’s Kid, I Will Always Go Gaga When It Comes To Pakistani Music

This is a Guest Post Contribution from Ayan Rauf Usmani.

As a desi kid growing up in the 90’s, I will always go completely gaga when it comes to Pakistani music. The music which was created when we were naive and hopeful. Melodies which were a real treat to the ears. After the enormous hype of the recent season of Coke Studio and fantastic Pepsi Battle of the Bands, I thought of recalling those evergreen songs which moved our music industry to greater heights. There’s no way one list could sum up such a bountiful decade. However, I will try my level best to cover some of the most memorable songs from the decade that was simply magic!

I’ll be doing a blog series on “50 must listen songs” in the course of 5 blogs over the coming weeks.

So, here is the first set of 10 must Pakistani songs of the 90’s that you have to listen to.

Aitebar Bhi Aa Hi Jaayega – Vital Signs

A brilliant composition with soulful lyrics, and hands-on mastery over the guitar, this song is definitely one of the best numbers of Vital Signs.

Sayonee – Junoon

No, I am not talking about the worst rendition from Coke Studio. I am talking about the original song that had a profound impact on Pakistani music, especially across the border. In Fact, it topped charts at Channel V and MTV India charts for over two months. Powerful vocals, perfect base licks and beautiful fusion of tabla with electric guitars, Sayonee got instantly famous as soon as it was released. If you want to enjoy Sayonee, then you need to get your best headphones on and experience the perfect blend of fusion of eastern and western instruments.

Puraani Jeans – Ali Haider

A simple yet symbolic song, with a bit of character of Ali Haider. Almost every teenager could relate to this song, as it perfectly showcases a struggle of every teenager. Almost every college and school farewell was incomplete without this song being played or sung at least once.

Billo de Ghar – Abrar Ul Haq

A full funky song Punjabi characters, this song was even copied in one of Bollywood’s films (Any guesses?). Abrar ul Haq’s crisp and clear vocals with brilliant lyrics became an overnight sensational hit. And we still remember the video!

Jadoo ka Chiraagh – Awaaz

Imagine the duo of Faakhir & Haroon together. Yes, this industry witnessed this brilliant partnership of the two cool dudes of our music industry. Jadoo ka Chirag is a song full of fire and energy. This song was also recreated in one of the episodes of Nescafe Basement which was also worth listening to. It is sad to note that both of them are not working together anymore.

Mera Pyar – Amir Zaki

We already know that Amir Zaki was a guitar maestro. But he was also a good composer who had a firm command on his vocals. Mera Pyar is a perfect representation of his musical talent. He was true legend and a grave loss to the nearly extinct music industry of Pakistan.

Mann di Mauj – Hadiqa Kiyaani

To make anything beautiful, just add Kashmiri essence into it. Man di Mauj is a melodic Kashmiri song with soft vocals of the pop diva sensation of our industry Hadiqa Kiyaani. Her melodiously voice did justice to the song.

Sar Kiye Yeh Pahar – Strings

The first massive hit song of the most famous band that is still present – Strings. The song was released in the early 90’s which made the boys of Government Commerce College famous. However, the band split in 1992 and then later got reunited in 2000.

Sanwali Saloni – Vital Signs

It seems like there is a long list of copied songs of Vital Signs by our neighbors. This song is melodious with sweet vocals and slow beats. Also little do we know this song was created after offending many people with the mega-hit Goray Rung ka Zamana. The rest is history.

Us Rah Par – Junaid Jamshaid

Yes, this list will have a lot of songs from Vital Signs. Us Rah Par is a song created by Shoaib Mansoor and vocals by Junaid Jamshaid. It was released in the year 1999 after Vital Signs broke up. This song was recreated in the last episode of Coke Studio season 10, giving it a smoky and nostalgic vibe. Sadly, the vocalists could not recreate the magic.

Pack Up For Now!

This is only the first of the five in the series blogs that I would be doing. All these songs (and the ones that are going to come up) are my personal favorites. What are your favorite songs from the 90’s? Let me know about them in the comments section below.

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