As A 90’s Kid, I Will Always Go Gaga Over Pakistani Music (Part 2)

Last week, I took you all down memory lane to some of the most memorable hits from the 90’s to the early 00’s. What a time that was! *sigh*

Continuing from where I left off, I would like to welcome you all back to the past! Hope you all enjoyed my last blog post. You can revisit it here. I am sure it must brought back tons of memories from your teenage and childhood. It was only the beginning.

Many of the listeners came back to me and complained that I did not list any songs from the first-ever of the sub-continent, the Late Nazia Hassan. can I forget her! But as they say, you never show all your cards at the start.

So without any further blabbering, I am presenting to you the second set of the “10 must listen songs from the Past decades.”

Let’s rock!

Sohni Lagdi

This song marked the entry of an all time great, musically gifted singer, Sajjad Ali in Bollywood. This song had perfect transitions coupled with skillful vocals. I, for one, believe that Sajjad Ali is the most underrated performer in Pakistan. Do you agree?

Talli Tay Thalay

How can we ever forget the first ever pop diva of sub-continent? This very song was on repeat mode on PTV when it was released. It has been made melodic with great arrangement on the instruments. Composed by Nazia Hassan’s brother, Zohaib Hassan, this composition was justified by the mystical voice.

Sanu Tere Naal

What do you expect when Punjabi and English are combined together in a song: Boom Bastic! Abrar ul Haq, the much acclaimed punjabi singer experimented with dual vocals and it worked out for him. This song came out in late 1999 and soon raised to the top of the charts.

Zara Chehra

Zohaib Hassan was as proficient on vocals as he was as a composer. Apart from the musical arrangements, this song is lyrically very rich.


Well, we all could relate to this song because we come across a lot of “fraudiyes” almost daily. Another gem of Awaaz, the duo of Faakhir and Haroon. The video of the song featured Tariq Amin and was a satirical take on the corrupt ridden politicians of Pakistan. It was one of the biggest hits of its time!


90’s was the time when we not only had rich music but also saw some great drama serials get aired on national televisions. It were these drama serials which made family time more beautiful. Along with an excellent script and power pack performances, the title track was also loved by everyone. The song starts from 1:30s.

Dil ki Lagi

Another evergreen song by Nazia Hassan. To sum it up, this song had the beautiful voice of Nazia, perfect progression of acoustic guitars and soulful lyrics. If you have ever fallen in love with someone or have had an “experience” of the other kind, this song is for you.


Najam Sheraz also marked his presence with his famous songs like In Say Nain, Dil Lay Gayi, Ajana etc.

Chand sa Mukhra

This NED graduate was a household name in the 90s. Chand sa Mukhra is a beautiful song with mesmerizing composition and melodious voice and one of my favorite songs ever. Oh and the video itself had a lot on offer for audiences of that time! Oh and a bonus tip: You can read the comments below the video on Youtube, you’ll know that I am not the only one going gaga over the songs made in the 90’s.

Woh Kon Thi

If I get accused of favoring Vital Signs, then I am more than happy to accept this. Vital Signs produced some of the most meaningful songs from my youth. Woh Kon Thi perfectly portrays feelings of a college-going guy.


Pack Up for Now

You may disagree with some of the songs, but as I said earlier, these songs are my all-time favorites, and they are not rated chronologically. Let’s see if I can cover your favorite songs too in upcoming blogs. See you next week.

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