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I am 28 And This Is What I Have Learned About Life So Far

I believe age is quite a high price to pay for maturity.

It’s not been too long since I have been around. I am not an overgrown, mature-retard who has had the “all-that-you-wish-for” life, heck; i am not even near to being a mature. I believe age is quite a high price to pay for maturity. But, I believe all that I have seen so far, I can sum it up so that those who are to come after me actually know what life is all about.

Disclaimer: This is not your go to resource for everything you need to know about life. You can be 60+ and still have no clue as to why you were sent to this place called “Earth.” The contrary is also true. You may be 16 and know everything you think you should know about life. So don’t just go about and think of this as your go-to bible every time you want to know about your life. Use the squishy liquid thing you have been provided at the top to make ends meet.

So, here goes nothing:

With Life, It’s Never Over

Just because it’s over, doesn’t really mean that it’s the end of the road. But to bring that feeling back into your life, well, take it from me…OUCH! Karma covers a long distance to come back and strike you in the face. Once it hits you…BAM…it hits you hard.

Reminiscing the Good Times

There are no bad memories just like there are no good memories as well. Good or bad, they all leave a lasting impact on one’s life. Similarly, there is no good news or bad news. It is just news. It all depends on how you are feeling on that particular date, time, and place. If you woke up on the wrong side of the bed after making out with the hottest chick in the world, you would still have a rotten mood. Just remember to be thankful for every moment you get; I know I am because I have learned it the hard way.

Hiding Your True Feelings For a Better Purpose

Sometimes, it is better to just keep some feelings hidden in the attic, if you know what I mean. I have heard some people say that it’s there in the genes, in our part of the world, “viraasat main mila hai,” but I believe its nature rather than nurture. Or maybe, it’s just that I don’t want to lose what I already have. Simply put, I am scared. Peace is a high price to pay for an unwelcome chaos.

Loving Someone Who Is Loved By Someone Else

Sink this in. You are friends with the person you love and the person that loves the person you love. Too much love is not good for health. One has to go. Now this is a LOL moment. You know that time, when you don’t know whether to cry or smile…and you end up LOLing about it. I have had quite a few; in fact, I have been having these quite a lot now. Just make sure you fight for the one you love and you are not the one that has to go. 😉 Sorry, I couldn’t help it.

Making a Commitment For Something Which Will Not Last Long

We often offer more than we can really do. I know I offer more than I can actually do. It is not that I fail or I am unable to do what I have committed to before, but life is tough as you grow up and you have to learn to say NO. I know I have learned to do that, and if you’re not able to do that in your life, believe me, it BITES!!

Becoming a Desperate (Despo :-p)

You commit quite a lot of silly blunders when you’re hit with desperation. Whether, it’s personal or professional. Don’t back down from them. Face them with your head held high and do not let the barking noises bring your courage down. You are here to make mistakes and learn. You are not an angel in disguise.

Caring For a Person Beyond Your Own Limits

I know expectations hurt and blah blah…but at the end of the day…at least you should be content with the fact, that you indeed were the right one. Oh and guess what, everyone expects something out of you. Even the Na-Maaloom Afraad you run into every day.

Being in the Right Place at the Wrong Time

Ever entered the room of a newly married couple, without knocking on the door? Trust me, you wouldn’t want to do that. Bad manners. 😉

Living a Life Based on Risk

So what if you failed the last time, you never know what’s in store for you the next moment, right? So, go ahead and take the risk of falling in love again, driving beyond the mark and dancing till you’re down and out! But sometimes, you need to put the brakes on…OH YOU REALLY NEED TO!!

Accepting The Reality is Hard

It’s not bad to listen to your intuition once in a while and neither is it unlawful. But you’re being harsh on yourself, when you start ignoring it.

“What ifs” (Not the MS EXCEL command)

Just one of those torturous moments of life! You should just go out and Just Do It!

You know what you will regret the most when it is all said and done?

What If…


Do not leave your bring your life to that point. I am going on to be 29 IN SHA ALLAH, and this is what I know about life so far. What do you know about life? What do you have to share about life? Your biggest What If till date? Let’s talk!

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2 replies on “I am 28 And This Is What I Have Learned About Life So Far”

Sorry buddy! I usually love your posts but this is way too immaturish…this one sounds like coming from someone who just had a recent heartbreak
Read Yasir Qadhi’s…”What I would tell my 20 self at 40″
It’s an amazing piece on the same topic

Thank you Raiya! Actually, this is not coming from a heartbreak. And I do follow Yasir Qadhi and his work for Muslim Matters. 🙂
The post you are referring to ( is written by a 40 year old men who knows what he wants and have been there and done that in the true sense. I am 28 and I am just figuring out what I want. Hopefully, by the time I hit the 40’s, I’ll write a letter to my 20 self…say somewhat similar to what Yasir Qadhi wrote. 🙂
Keep reading. Keep pushing me forward for more good/bad work. And keep appreciating! Thank you again! Much love! 🙂

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