Waqar Zaka is Now After The Premier Seat of Pakistan

You have to give credit where it is due. Waqar Zaka, a self proclaimed expert in Crypto Currency, Leadership, Mentorship, Adventure ship, Entrepreneurship, is now looking to run the sinking ship of Pakistan.

In a tweet addressing the current issues of Pakistan, Waqar Zaka, openly asked the Prime Minister of Pakistan to step down. As soon as his tweet went live, Twitteratis took to twitter to express their – well, how should I put it in nice words – sorrow and deep grief over this tweet.

There is absolutely no cure for such a disease.

Gullible minds looking up to gullible leaders be like:

The guys knows who to target and when to target

While some completely are not taking this shit from Mr. Waqar Zaka at all

Then there are some who are actually supporting the guy and what he is doing

A few days back, at the time of the exams fiasco, Waqar Zaka did a tweet, in which he called the Education Minister a Lasoray. Now, I do not respect the way the Education Minister handled the situation but that does not mean I am going to cross all the boundaries and ridicule him on a Social Media Platform.

Ever since then, and even before this tweet, Waqar Zaka had been inciting his gullible followers to ridicule the minister and run trends on Twitter. This is like asking a mule to officiate a female horse race. Nobody will win.

Here is the Tweet in Question

It is one thing to start a trend on Twitter, but it is a different thing to offset a sitting prime minister from his chair. I am sure Imran Khan did not expect this much of an issue before coming to power. He did not expect the Pandemic to hit the world so bad.

However, whatever the case maybe, we are not in such a bad state that we would want an attention-seeker-wannabe-manipulative-celebrity to sit as a Prime Minister of Pakistan. No, I do not want to see him run for any office as well.

Even if The Simpson Final Episode Predict him to be the next Prime Minister.

Mr. Prime Minister sahab, aap ne ghabrana nahin hai. Yeh sub toh hota rahayga.

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