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17 Things You Need To Know In Life To Succeed

Finding success in life is not an easy job. Life is like a journey you undertake on a bumpy road. Obstacles, potholes, loopholes, manholes, assholes, gloryholes…you get to meet all kinds of holes while you are living life. And it is only these holes that make it difficult for you to live the life you want to live or aspire to live. So what to do in these circumstances? Here are some some things you need to know in order to succeed in life. The are not listed in any chronological order and nor are they listed in any order importance. Secondly, they are all based on my personal life experiences and bear no resemblance to your lives or the fictional characters that play part in your lives.

  1. Try your ass off for anything you wish to achieve. Give it your best shot. You won’t be disappointed even if you fail. But just don’t shoot for the stars at the very beginning.
  2. Make mistakes. Learn from them. Do not keep on repeating them. If you are repeating them again and again, change your attitude! If you are still repeating the same mistakes, change your direction of life.
  3. Nobody is self sufficient, so ask for help whenever you need it. Don’t be ashamed of it. Do not be like a Virgo, they are made to be self sufficient. See how just made this space my own personal backyard? 😉
  4. Push yourself beyond your own comfort walls, intentionally! You came to this wall by breaking the walls of comfort; what makes you think you will succeed in this world by living in your comfort zone?!
  5. The world is a mean and a selfish place. But, make sure you don’t end up taking advantage of those few good people who help you through your hard times by turning into a deaf ear (read: cold heart) towards them. They are there for a reason, don’t make them leave for that reason.
  6. Treat others in a kind manner. They can be understanding, when you need someone. Remember, Karma is a bitch. You will be treated the way you are treating those around you. Don’t let reality slap you hard. Because it hurts when reality slaps you.
  7. Spend. You earn to spend. But be WISE in doing so. You cannot take your wealth with you, but you can take away a lot of blessings owing to the way you have spent your wealth. Don’t just accumulate wealth so that you can spend it on the medical bills later on in your life.
  8. Move out and hangout, whenever you can. It will help you move on. You are not made to work 15 or 18 hours a day. Your body needs you. Your family needs you. Your soul needs you. You need You!
  9. Don’t compare yourself to others. You’ll only be insulting yourself. They are better and special in their own ways. They have something you do not have. Respect that. Similarly, you have something that they don’t have. Use that smartly.
  10. Acknowledge the fact that no one wants to be the best analyst. But that doesn’t mean you keep yourself surrounded with mess ALL the time.
  11. Have fun before you start wishing you had fun. There is no age limit to have fun. Do not be too harsh on yourself. Life is not meant to be lived like that. For further elaboration, read point 7 and point 8.
  12. Work hard. Play harder so that you sleep the hardest!
  13. For every new problem you encounter, remember, there WAS another one which you resolved the last time. So, have faith in your Creator and yourself. HE will not occupy you in a problem you cannot solve. Too idealistic? Think long and hard, have you ever been in a problem you could not solve?
  14. Don’t be afraid of saying Thank You or Sorry, not only to those who matter the most to you, but to those as well whom you don’t know. Sometimes, strangers become the reason why you would want to take that risk in life.
  15. Know this: Whatever is meant to be, no matter what comes, WILL HAPPEN! And when it does happen, you might not even realize about it.
  16. Live your life as if you are to die tomorrow. This is an eternal fact: You Only Live Once. Make sure you make that once count. Remember, it is not the journey that matters, it is the miles traveled that matter the most.
  17. Do not believe everything you see on the media. There is a reason why you have a gooey liquid inside your head. Use it. Oh and stay away from breaking news, it is killing you.

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