Telemedicine: Saving Lives, Digitally

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I am a part of a six person content team that churns out content on regular basis. We have our elbows on the table and fingers clicking on notebooks. Words helps us make a living for ourselves. There are days, where we have to give in all we have to produce some great work. On one of those days, a colleague complained of pain in his left hand. Being from an educated lot, we immediately rushed to the nearest medical facility. The doctor in the ER ordered tests that were supposed to be done at that moment. He suspected a minor Heart Attack. No heartbeat was monitored, just the pulse was checked.

We were in a state of shock just by hearing such a quick diagnosis.

We didn’t waste any time and got all the ECG’s and blood tests done. All results were negative. It turned out that our supervisor had overeaten last night and was having a gastric pain. For that moment, we all laughed out, but were quick to keep our smiles to ourselves after seeing the Diagnostic Invoice. Clearly, we missed out having taken a second opinion on the matter or the history of the patient in this regard.

Have you ever encountered a situation, when you or someone you love or work with was incorrectly diagnosed with a medical condition? Or any situation where the treatment plan provided by the doctor was incorrect or without historical consideration?

Well, you are not alone. According to various recent studies conducted by JAMA Medical in USA, up to 68% of patients were diagnosed incorrectly at first and sought a change in diagnosis. Additionally, according to Harvard Medical, 1 out of every 3rd cases of complex medical cases are misdiagnosed and John Hopkins Hospital reported that Medical error is counted as the 3rd leading cause of death and injury.

Faced with such statistics and lack of technology integration in this digital age, Nauman Jaffer partnered with multiple consultants and practitioners to bring forth YourDoctors.Online, a global digital healthcare solution providing expert “general medical” and “second medical opinions” to patients.

How can a medical opinion help?

In the starting case, the misdiagnosis didn’t cost a life, however, there have been cases where people have lost their loved ones because of the lack of historical data and misdiagnosis due to not seeking a second opinion. The picture below depicts how a medical opinion will help in diagnosing your medical condition.

Telemedicine Saving Lives Digitally

Telemedicine is Changing How We Treat Patients

Telemedicine comes in real handy when we move further into remote areas where access to healthcare is limited. For such areas, telemedicine server as a life saver. It helps patients to diagnose their diseases, consult specialists using videoconferencing and enables them to find a cure for their illness. Telemedicine eliminates the need for bearing the travel cost and time by bringing quality medical care for those who wouldn’t normally be able to access it.

Another use of telemedicine is in the peer to peer patient care consultations. Doctors from different locations can easily sit and discuss a treatment plan for a patient without actually incurring cost on travelling and appointments.

YourDoctors.Online is a perfect example of Telemedicine, a technology that provides healthcare to patients without the boundaries of locations. declared YourDoctors.Online as being one of the top 5 most disruptive innovations in patient care. More ventures of these kind would help people in far-fetched areas to access quality health care in reasonable prices.

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