open letter to graduates

Open Letter To All Those Who Just Graduated

Since last week, I have been getting a lot of invitations to graduation parties. Some of my friends have completed their universities and are now ready to embark upon the real journey of life. My apologies for not being able to attend to the invitations. However, I do have some things to say to all those who graduated with honors:

Welcome. Welcome to the Real World.

Your “Tango” is about to get spiced up. How? Hear me out as I pen down an Open Letter to all those who graduated.

Who am I to pen these down? Consider me as your friend. I have been there and I have done much to pen these thoughts down for you all. So here we go.

With Regards to Your Education

I see a lot of you have completed your undergraduate degree. A huge number got done with their masters and PhD’s. Great. Please bear in mind that your degree is only as relevant as YOU want it to be. If you are able to score a job OF YOUR DREAM based on the degree you pursued – AWESOME! If you are not able to score the job of your dreams, go out there and show how your entire college tenure makes you a valuable asset to this world. Go out and step away from virtual reality.

If you are still not convinced about your level of education and want to pursue further education – get it done now. The older you get, the harder it becomes to study.

If you are able to find a job that is willing to finance your further education, do not hesitate in accepting the offer. It is a meager price to pay.

Do not rely on institutions to teach you all the magic tricks to succeed. They are not the only places where you learn something. Read, practice, and equip yourself with valuable skills. There are a number of mediums now available from where you can learn a skill or two. To name a few: SkillShare, Udemy, Coursera, School of Skills, Lynda, and the easiest of them all, Youtube.

With Regards to Your Career

You just landed the shittiest job ever, right after your graduation? Mark my words: Even the shittiest job you score has something valuable to teach you. Learn from it. Take out the positives.

Before you start working, make sure you know “WHY” you are working. If the main motive is to earn a lot of money, get ready to sacrifice a lot of time, effort, and personal satisfaction. If you want to be content in your chosen field, be potentially willing to sacrifice a hefty amount of money. However, both of them need not be mutually exclusive.

Always keep a backup plan. The times we are living in are uncertain to say the least. Even a venture like Foodpanda gets sold off in a matter of a night. You will be better off if you take charge of how much you can make in “one stream” of income.

If you do not network, start now. Start building your own network with peers from your preferred industry. And no, I do not mean a Facebook group or Whatsapp chat rooms. I mean a real network, where personal contact is everything.

Pro tip: Never ever stop networking.

You have graduated. You should now step out of your comfort zone. Do not be afraid to try something you never thought of doing.

Your resume is only a piece of paper. Know more about thy self.

Never burn bridges. No matter how awful your boss or your coworkers are, never stand on one side of the bridge to blow up the other end.

Life is more than your career. Pursue your interest. Do not just become your career.

With Regards to Family and Friends

Learn to appreciate your family. Your family probably knows you the best and will be there for you when shits blows out the rooftop.

Your parents know want what is best for you. Realize the fact that they have vast years of life experience over you. The least you could do is take their advice into consideration when making a decision.

You are growing up and things will change. Your family is not going to accept some of your choices. Accept the bitter reality and live with it.

You had a group of ten when you graduated? WOW! That’s cool. Well…newsflash! It is going to shrink. Probably to two or three. Live with it. Learn to deal with it.

You cannot give time to anymore bullshit now. So do not be afraid to break away from bad company. They may not be of any harm to you, but they won’t do any good either.

Remember: Bro’s before bae. Do not turn into that friend who gets into a relationship only to forget about friendships.

Be very intentional, with a clear mindset, about the people you want to have in your life.

Be like the friend you would always want to have.

With Regards to Love – Romance

Do not fall in love with anyone until you fall in love with yourself.

You will be faced with a lot of crushed crushes. Let them be. They were not meant for you.

Step out of the belief that someone is going to change their character for you. You should not even try changing someone. Yes, you can help them become better in their lives, but you cannot change the way they are.

Before you take the leap of faith and move ahead in love, make sure you will be content with where you intend to make the move to.

Realize that it is all about choices. If you choose to be single, or in a relationship with someone, make sure you understand the sacrifices and the compromises that you would have to make.

You will have your heart broken by someone. Harsh, but a bitter reality of life. Remember, no matter when, how, and why someone did what they did to you, never let them turn your life sour.

You will be rejected. Be ready for that when you decide to fall in love.

Whether you are a guy or a girl, ask someone out the old-fashioned – going down on one knee – style.

When you are single, try out some form of online dating at least once. You will fall hard and flat on your face, but you will learn a good lesson or two.

The Last Tip, Is the Best of Them All

Enjoy your heart out. Enjoy while you are still single. Enjoy your graduation party. Enjoy your steaks at 20% off on Tavern Grill. Enjoy being selfish. You might not be able to get that charm again in your life.

Congratulations to all those who graduated over the weekend and during the past month. You all did a heck of a job to get till here. However, I am sorry to inform you, this is only the beginning of the road. Have a safe journey. 😉