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Smile Is A Women’s Best Makeup

Doctor: Congratulations, its a girl!
Father: Oh…thank you.
Doctor: Huh? You’re a father now, why such a gloomy face?
Father: Because I wanted a…SON!

This isn’t something new in third world countries. Sad, but, true.

Women are seen as a medium of satisfying, if not for the daily chores, one’s lust. I am not going for any facts or figures here, because they are as twisted as the whole society is towards them. I am not going for any particular case/scenario here, because they are as crippled as the oppressed gender themselves are!

All I am doing here, is venting out my feelings through a medium I know best!

To the Girl Who Was Raped

For me, you are stronger than those bastards can ever be. I cannot comprehend the pain you must have gone through, I know I would’ve died on the spot. I know I would have slithered away and hid my face till it was no longer known to the world.

The fact that you have the bravery to speak about it gives me hope and courage to move on from every obstacle life throws at me.

From my gender perspective, all I can say is that you never asked for it and you would never want something this horrific to happen to you or anyone. It is all about the upbringing of my gender.

I am sorry.


To the Girl Being Buried Alive

I promise you, although I didn’t know you, you were beautiful, you deserved your life in good health. You deserved freedom from hell. And I will be praying for you today, tomorrow, and every other day of my life.

I am sorry.


To the Girl with an Alcoholic Father

I don’t want to sound sympathetic, but I really am so sorry for the agony you have to go through every night he comes home, drenched in his own pathetic life. Again, such courage is remarkable and you must be a strong person to bear such pain, with only a smile and no regrets.

I am sorry.


To the Girl Whose Parents Died

You can’t stop missing them. You can’t let the heart ache go away. But the love they had, the memories you shared, must surely last.

I can give you my word, the people who have taken the long walk back home and left you in this world are exceptionally proud of the kind of person you are.

Be Strong.


To the Ailing Mother Whose Son Left Her

Don’t worry, there will come a time when he will be a father himself. But I am quite sure, even in all your loneliness, you’ll pray only for his well being.

This world is known to return back the favors. Do not lose hope.

Be Strong.


To the Teased Girl at the Public Places

Don’t face things lying down, get up and fight! Show them that you are not an oppressed gender. You are a human being.

I am sorry.


To Every Other Women out There

Remember, you’re the full circle of life. Without you, no one can dream of having a family, a partner, a companion, a mother, a sister, a daughter or a housewife. Within you, is the power to create,  nurture and transform. Every time you’re pushed beyond your patience, you are able to find a way to come back on top and stand proud!

Discover yourself, not anyone else. You do not need to answer to anyone but yourself. Be a reason for your own happiness.

To all the women out there that have faced any kind of oppression, harassment, inequality, injustice, unfavorable working environments, and toxic relationships – know this that

  • You are worthy of equality.
  • You are stronger than superman.
  • You are brave in whatever role you play.
  • And You are loved by THE ONE MIGHTY BEING.

Just remember, somebody, somewhere does care for you. Don’t loose hope, I know you won’t!

Just remember that it is a patriarchal idea that getting raped would ruin your community’s honor. No, your community’s honor does not lie with in your vagina.

You won’t lose your honor. Besides, who put your honor in your vagina? If anyone loses their honor when a woman is raped, it’s the rapist not the woman who is raped. It is the mother of the rapist who bred and brought up such an egoistic devil.

A smile is the best make up any women can wear, and no man has the right to steal that!


Your smile does not make you a weak person nor does it give the signal that you are available. It just goes to show that you have learned to work around your shortcomings and are doing great. It shows that you are a true warrior who is proud to wear her battle scars and is not afraid to walk again. I understand this is in contrary to some popular belief, that stranger men should stop telling women to smile. But I’ll stick to the stance.

A smile is the best make up a women can wear and no men (or women) has the right to steal that smile.

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