Kuttay Ki Dumm Hamaisha Tairhi Rehti Hai

An old saying in Urdu, well…still valid!

“Kuttay ki dumm hamaisha tairhi rehti hai”

I have seen people change over a new leaf from being no one. There are so many “flowers” around me which, at times, used to be conical thorns, but have now turned into ripe roses, willing to spread smiles on others. These “flowers”, which protected their own scent from spreading out to the whole world, have now changed their reason of existence. Or have they?

There’s an old saying in the Urdu language:

“Kuttay ki dum tairhi ki tairhi rehti hai”

And considering the total population of the world (Yes, I am exaggerating A LOT), I believe at least half of the population fulfills this definition in a perfect manner.

So in that case, how does one know when to or when not too believe in someone? Whether to believe in what they are or what they were before? Yes, change is the only constant thing in life. Everybody goes through it. It is imperative. Some find it hard to cope with it, while some give it a warn welcome. But do we really change?

I have not been around in this world for a very long time, but I have been around enough to say “been there, done that”.

And in doing so, I came across a lot of people who changed their course of life only to be seen as rebels or vigilante’s, but were never accepted socially. The reason: They changed for good. But, I guess they could not do anything about their pasts. Because its gone, done and dead for good. All one can do, is sit back and think about all the chances he/she could have taken but chose not to take.

So what’s the hard core truth about change? Is it possible for someone to truly turn a new leaf? If change were possible, wouldn’t it take at least an year or so to happen? The answer is, well, change is possible… and I mean a drastic, and most of the times a life-altering change. But there’s no rule of thumb about how long this kind of change would take to occur. I believe it depends on what the current surroundings are and in what kind of a state the people are in.

Now, this should raise a doubt in the mind of all those “experienced” people out there. The doubt that “if a change has occurred in a short period of time, and if someone has gone from being a thorn to a flower, than, is that kind of a change even possible in such short time; if it is, then how come we never see it coming?”

I think,

A change of heart that happens faster than the system of justice in this world, than that change is never a true change and won’t last for long.

Change is inevitable. It is quite possible, and positive, when we choose to be humble enough to see the places we are off from and are willing enough to change them, before they are changed for us. A lot of us refuse to see our own fault lines, some even dare not to draw them, we keep on blaming those around us for how we act or what we have turned in to. We don’t listen to critical feedback and never appreciate it coming from our true critics, we keep our hearts and our souls frozen. That’s where we lag behind. Never wait until the world starts crashing down on you and you’re forced to change (for bad). So, open your hearts and clear your mind, and start listening to what the world is saying to you, who knows, maybe then you just might have your



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