A Short Open Letter To Imran Khan From Her Voter

I remember buying a ticket from my hard earned money and travelling all the way from Malaysia to vote for you.
I remember going against my family traditions and arguing with my family every day of my stay, just to convince them to vote for you.
On the day of the Pakistan Elections 2013, I remember waking up early only to convince my brother to come to my side and vote for you.
I thought I was voting for change. I thought I was voting for a new beginning of Pakistan. On my way to the polling station, I kept my mouth shut, thinking about how to convince my family (17 people MA SHA ALLAH) to vote for you. The only thought that came to my mind…well, here is the awkward conversation:
“Par pappa, i am telling you he is going to change the country for good! Hamain us ko chance dena chahiye!”
“Beta..chance de de kar toh hum in haalon par pahunche hain. Ab is se aagay toh khaayi hi hai.”
“Par dad, things change. Yeh usool hai duniya ka. Aggar hum nahin change karainge toh kaun karayga.”
“Beta..change karne k liye hi aatay hain sub yahan par…Pakistan ko nahin..apne bank account ki figures ko. Tum sub abhi chhote ho. Tm logon ko nahin pata yahan kya hota hai.”
And then, I decided of doing the unthinkable.
“Acha pappa, ek baat bataayen..aap mujhse kitna pyaar karte hain?”
“Beta..yeh kaisa sawaal hai. Tum sub hi toh mere liye sub kuch.”
“Theek hai..toh aggar aap logon ne mere hisaab se vote diya aur change k liye vote kiya toh main Malaysia chhor kar yahan ajaungi aur apni parhaayi yahan puri karungi.”
“Ab tum hamain ese emotionally blackmail karogi?”
“Main toh karchuki hun pappa..ab faisla aap logon ne karna hai. Main ya aap k sarre huay traditions.”
“Acha..zyada daadi amma mat banno. Vote hai..dedenge. Par us k baad tumhain hamare saath rehna hoga. Deal?”
I don’t know what I was thinking. I was feeling bad for talking like this with my dad and family. He has been the biggest support of my life. And he is the sole reason behind me leading a successful life.
I said “Yes.” I didn’t let any other second thought come to my mind. We reached the polling station. We Voted. We all voted for change in Pakistan. We all came out as a family. A family that was reluctant of changing their Punjabi traditions. Yes, we had voted for a Pathan led party. We had all voted for Imran Khan’s PTI.
The elections result came out. I was not sad with the outcome. Deep down, I knew it was a victory. The status quo had already been challenged. The message had been delivered: Times are a changing.
But…fast forward to 5 years later and I am sitting inside the Qaddafi Stadium, having the time of my life at the final of Pakistan Super League 2017, having a banner in my hands that reads:
Yes, you were my icon for change. I looked up to you. But now, I just cannot stand the fact that, instead of appreciating something good that is happening in the country, you decided to shine your political shoes. Matlab, aakhir chahte kya ho? You know what, I just realized that from May 2013 onward, you have wasted the time of the Youth by indulging them in senseless dharne.
What for? For your own political gains? Or is it to help you scratch all the fame and glory? Or you want to repeat the moment you won the 1992 World Cup and kept on praising yourself? If you are so egoistic, then I am literally a fool for believing in you and voting for you.
And, like a cherry on the top, you have the guts of calling those brave players who came to Lahore, “phateechars!” Like, are you fucking kidding me man? At least respect the profession that made you what you are today.

I don’t want to go more into this letter. I just want to take this space and tell the world, and my family:

“Pappa, tussi sahi kehnde thay. Yeh bhi saare politician hi ki tarhan hai. Pehle time waste karwaayega. Idhar udhar k kaam karayga jo saamne nazar aayen aur phir tu kon aur main kon. I am sorry for fighting with you all. Love you.”

I hope the PSL tournament takes place in Pakistan next year. And I hope, you are not even near to being a part of the organizing committees.
Good luck with your egoistic approach towards ruining this countries future generations. I am done with you.
Oh…and before I leave, here are a few images of reality:

Peshawar Zalmi captain Darran Sammi (C) wears a traditional turban as he celebrates with teammates his team’s victory over Quetta Gladiators in the final cricket match of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) at The Gaddafi Cricket Stadium in Lahore on March 5, 2017. / AFP PHOTO / AAMIR QURESHI/Getty Images

Peshawar Zalmi Cup

Peshawar Zalmi Celebrating With the PSL Cup. Image Source: Cricket Country

A Fan Holding Her Ticket To PSL 2017 Final in Lahore. Image Source: Global Village Space

Yours Truly,
A Pakistani Cricket Fan
Disclaimer: This is a guest post and is based on the views of the author herself. The Desi Writer is in no way associated with the author.

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