15 Signs You Are Addicted to Technology

We are surrounded by technology. From our conversations to washrooms, we are engulfed in a technologically advanced world. As the world progresses, it is becoming more difficult to live without the aid of some form of technology. Be it for education or sex, we need technology. 3D printed orthotics and livable 3D […]

Telemedicine: Saving Lives, Digitally

I am a part of a six person content team that churns out content on regular basis. We have our elbows on the table and fingers clicking on notebooks. Words helps us make a living for ourselves. There are days, where we have to give in all we have to produce some […]

JStock – Your Go to Android App for Stock Tracking

If you are one of those who like your to walk with you while you are running rounds in the park, then you have to load up JStock Android App right now. You might be asking yourself, why I would load an application when I can just scroll the newspaper […]

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