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4 Aspects To Help You Cope With Life After College

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I heard you are about to complete your graduation and embark upon a new journey of life. Interesting. Well, I have some newsflash for you. It is about to get tough and your life is just about to get started.

I cannot help you much about your coming life, however, I can help ease the agony that you are going to face when it comes to certain aspects of life. The aspect for further Education, a rewarding Career, the sensitive aspect of relationships, and finally, your love life. Read on.

1. Your Education Is Not Over Yet

  • Your degree is only as relevant as you want it to be. If you get your dream job — great! If not, and if you are still searching, then you need to reflect how your entire college life experience makes you valuable asset in the “real world.”
  • If you feel empty from inside and believe you need to get some more degrees under your belt, get it done early. It only gets harder as you get older.
  • If you are able to find work at a company that is willing to finance your higher education, do it without second thoughts. Believe me, it is a very small price to pay.
  • Institutions are not the only places where you can learn a thing or two. You need to teach yourself some valuable skills by reading and practicing the skills in your free time.
  • Do not rely entirely on your education. Ever.

2. Your Career Is Just About To Be Born

  • It is possible that the first organization you join might be the shittiest place to work at. Don’t panic. Learn the basics and earn the valuable experience. You will thank the organization later on in your career.
  • Before you start a job, you need to ask yourself “why” are you working. If you are working to make a fortune out of a 9-9 job, then get ready to sacrifice a lot of time, effort, friendships, health, and personal satisfaction. If you working for happiness and are lucky enough to have scored a career in your chosen field, then get ready to sacrifice money. The two, however, needn’t be mutually exclusive.
  • It is always handy to have a side hustle, from the beginning. We are living in uncertain time, where lay offs and demotions are a norm. You will be better off if you are able to determine how much you are going to make from one stream of income.
  • Build a very strong network around you. No, not the LinkedIn, Facebook, or Conference Network. I am talking about a real network where you are connected with Alumni’s and your industry professionals. You need to actively engage with them on constant basis.
  • As this is not your college life anymore, you should never be afraid of trying something you would never have thought about doing before.
  • Your resume is like your passport. You need to know more than your resume reflects about you.
  • No matter how awful your boss or coworkers may seem like, you should never burn bridges. NEVER EVER!
  • You choose your career. So don’t become your career. You’ll only sacrifice and compromise.

3. Family and Friends Are Important

  • Appreciate your family at every moment. They know you the most and are still likely to be the people who will have back when all hell break out.
  • Your parents want what is best for you. There are certain exceptions, but those are rare cases. They are more experienced than you and would give you the best advice – take their advise into consideration.
  • Some of your choices won’t get the approval from your family. Accept it with dignity.
  • As you grow older, you will lose friends. Your group is going to shrink. Live with it.
  • Break up with bad friends before they break your heart and torment your life.
  • Learn to keep a balance between friendships and relationship.
  • Be very vocal about the kind of people you would want to have in your life. Move away from the rest of them.
  • Be like the friend you would want to have for yourself.

4. You Need To Have Love In Your Life

  • Fall in love to be happy with the one you are. Don’t experiment with love. This is not a college major-minor decision.
  • You may have a crush on your next door neighbor or your colleague. But if you feel they are not right for you, walk away or don’t get involved.
  • Unlearn the belief that someone is going to change for you just because they want to live with you.
  • If you are planning to move in together, to a new place, make sure you understand what you are doing and are happy to see yourself more to a new place.
  • Realize that it is your choice to be single or to be in a relationship. If you want to make a different choice, understand the sacrifices you would have to make to live that choice.
  • You will have your heart broken by someone. Live through the pain. It will make you more stronger.
  • Take rejection with pride and feel humble when you are rewarded with true love.
  • Don’t waste your time on Tinder.
  • Enjoy your life when you are single. You might never get to be selfish again.
  • Skip the temptation of one night stands for a romantic dinner with your loved one – after you are married – you will live with peace.
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