20 Years On…Things Are Still The Same

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20 years on…it is still all the same! It is only the magnitude that changed through out these years.

20 years ago, we had our school backpacks hung onto our shoulders.
Today, we have our office bags hung onto our shoulders with our laptops and presentations.

20 years ago, we all used to be pretty scared of our teachers, homework, bullying, sports, and exams.
Today, we are still scared. We are scared of our bosses, targets, deadlines, politics, appraisals, and demotions.

20 years ago, we all aspired to be the class topper and hated being called the teacher’s pet.
Today, we all aspire to be awarded the Employee of the Month and hate being called the boss suck up.

20 years ago, we had major tests, quarterly exams, mid terms and annuals to make our lives miserable.
Today, we have our quarterly targets and results to make our nights sleepless.

20 years ago, we all spent sleepless nights to study for our annual exams and move on to the next class.
Today, we all spend sleepless nights worrying about our appraisals to find out whether we are going to stay or leave.

20 years ago, we all anxiously waited for the end of the month to get pocket money from our fathers.
Today, we anxiously wait for the end of the month to get our bank accounts topped up with our salaries.

20 years ago, we all kept on running after grades, dates, and prizes
Today, we all keep running after incentives, wives, bonuses, and promotions.

20 years ago, we all used to anxiously wait for the latest toy in the market.
Today, we all eagerly wait for the latest gadget in the market.

20 years ago, we had schools and curriculum to help us graduate to the next level.
Today, we have startup incubators and accelerators to help us graduate to the next level.

20 years on, nothing has changed. The only things that have changed, or rather, grown bigger, are a few numbers.

If only, Life would have been a number. Unfortunately, it is not. It is about moments. Experiences. So Enjoy each moment. You never know which one is your last.

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