Don’t Fall In Love With A Virgo

I am a believing Virgo and this is my view on why you should not fall in love with a Virgo.

Virgos are some of the most real people you will ever come across in your lives. It is hard to meet anyone as honest and real as Virgos. Their brutal honesty, practical approach to life, and their ability to just be open about who they really are will force you to accept your true self. If not sooner, then there will come a time when you will become so motivated to be the person you always wanted to be, all thanks to the fact that you fell in love with a Virgo. If you are scared of realizing yourself, don’t fall in love with a Virgo.

They are the ones who are going to stand beside you when you make the decision to change your life for good. They will keep pushing you towards your goals. They will make you realize your fears in life and overcome them. They will stand beside you in your most gruesome fight of your life – The Brain vs The Heart. They will help you understand what your heart actually wants and why your brain keeps on saying no. The craziness is not a matter of concern when it comes to achieving one’s goals. That is the motto Virgos live by and if you are afraid of being crazy, don’t fall in love with a Virgo.

Virgos are pergectionist by nature. It doesn’t matter how much you tell them they are good enough, they will always find a way to look at the things they lack the most. They are good at heart and strive hard to achieve their goals, often overpowering others in their struggle to be the best. This leads to those around them assume that they are making them look inferior, but that is not the case. The truth is that they are simply trying to make sure that, at the end of the day, they are good enough for themselves. No, they are not selfish. They are just programmed to believe that everyone’s extraordinary is their average. At the same time, they are extremely modest and don’t like giving themselves credit where it is due. That is why Virgos make really good ghost writers. If you can’t handle them at their worst, don’t fall in love with a Virgo.

Don’t fall in love with a Virgo because they have a hard time letting go of their past and find it extremely hard to forgive themselves. On the other hand, they are usually the first one’s to forgive you and let of of the grudge.

No matter how high their own standard might be, they will never hold you to those standard. Virgos will value you more than anyone you know. They are well aware of the fact that it is hard to love because they struggle to love themselves. They will shower unconditional love upon you if they are loved the same way and would never judge you for falling short of their expectations. Exceptions do exist and depend a lot on the situation at hand. They love others so much that you wish they might just somehow channel all that love into themselves. But that is not the case as Virgos are not known for being self-centered.

Don’t ever fall in love with a Virgo if you are not down with conviction and a full life, including love and relationships. Virgos give it their all and never work towards anything half-heartedly. You will be left wondering whether you can keep up with the pace.

A Virgo will never stop fighting for you and will never give up on you. Ever. Your dreams and goals in life matter to them more than they matter to you. Their belief in your and your abilities will only grow as time goes on. They want to stand by you when you get there so if you don’t want them to be there, don’t fall in love with a Virgo.

Virgos are always work in progress. They are constantly fighting this inner battle to improve and be better than they were a second ago. Their mind is constantly buzzing with voices from their heart to keep on improving. Don’t fall in love with a Virgo if this irritates you but if you are one of those partners who can keep up with the self-improvement, then you will become an envious couple.

Pakistan Independence Day

71 Years of Pakistan – Where Did We Go Wrong?

70 years later, we are still divided among ourselves. 71 years later, we are still searching for an independent nation.

As I pen this article down, I am sitting inside a McDonalds, sipping a Strawberry Shake, the whole place is filled with Green and White lights, and the streets are buzzing with fireworks, aerial firing, whooshing motorcycles and the evergreen Dil Dil Pakistan. Some kids are ecstatic with the new found toy from China – a colorful blow trumpet made out of plastic – that has a very annoying sound to it. From where I am sitting, just across the street, a traffic police officer is busy in doing his routine collection from the parking ticket mafia. And behind me is a couple discussing about their next upcoming trip to Thailand because they are bored from their routine and want something good in life. The two young fella’s sitting across from my table are sipping Caramel Cappuccino (mind you, it is awesome!) and having a great discussion around one question: What is Pakistan for you? The discussion came to a stand still when one of the fella cracked a joke:

“Pakistan meri jaan hai, mujhe Pakistan se bahot pyaar hai…par mujhe shiddat se mere visa ka intizaar hai.”

It is time to leave.





I meant, it is time for them to leave. You have to hang around and read what I have to say!

Isn’t it Amazing? 71 long years. Every year or in a decade or so, we see and hear different people claim that for Pakistan, this is it. It is do or die. It is over for Pakistan. They often forget this one saying of Mohammad Ali Jinnah:

Jinnah once said, ‘’There is no power on Earth that can undo Pakistan.”

If I may, using the powers bestowed to me by the virtue of this very website, edit this statement a bit to make it look like this:

‘’There is no power on Earth that can undo Pakistan, except for the Pakistani’s themselves.”

Pakistan, just now, entered its 71st year of independence. 71 years on, and we are still stuck at that one question that we need to ask ourselves: WHERE DID WE ACTUALLY GO WRONG?

Often, we ask ourselves, what has Pakistan done for me? What has Pakistan given me? Plethora of trash on the streets? Water-crisis? Gas-crisis? Political Crisis? Economic Crisis? Terrorism? Street Crimes? Pollution? Weak Institutions? Corrupt Politicians? Weak Infrastructure? Weak Justice System? Educations Crisis? Gender Crisis?

That is too much to get, without even asking for it.

But is this the fault of Pakistan or the people that live inside Pakistan? The people that like to be called Pakistani’s. Whose fault is it?

For 71 years, Pakistan tried to give everything it had to its people. Unfortunately, owing to some disgusting pests, it failed to deliver upon its promise of being the best nation in the world.

71 years have passed. We really can’t do much about them. They are gone. But we sure can do a lot about the coming 70 years.

Where to Start?

As Pakistanis, we have to take a simple step. We have to rise above hate for each other. We have to keep the religious, political, ethnically, or educational differences aside and come forward as one single nation. The time has come for us to look inside ourselves and ask our souls the question we have ignored for long:

What are you giving back to Pakistan?

We have to keep on asking this question till we finally realize that we have wasted a lot of time. We have already sacrificed a lot of innocent lives. We have to realize that we have lost a lot of resources and are running out of time. We have to realize that we have become divided on the basis of color, caste, ethnicity, and status. We have to stop ignoring the stark realities and put our feet on ground zero. We have to start afresh. We have to unlearn and undo all that we have seen, done, or have become in the past 71 years.

As Pakistanis, it is time for us to realize that we have a separate identity. We cannot allow our culture to be outdone by the culture of the west. We have to resist the temptations. We have to step out of our comfort zones and start doing our bit for Pakistan. This is something we have not done for the past 70 years of our independence. It is time for us to stand and make Pakistan our pride and dignity. It is time for us to leave aside the external and internal forces destroying our nation and focus on what we, as Pakistanis, can do for our nations prosperity.

Everybody wants Independence. Everybody around the globe love Independence. But, now I believe that – like me – many other citizens of Pakistan are waiting for another Independence for our Nation. Not all the citizens, but some of them are desperately waiting and are willing to fight for freedom from the idiotically chosen “ones”. We have already witnessed the table turn on a few corrupt politicians and diplomats during the past year or so. We have already seen people being held accountable for their wrong doings and sent to prison for violating the agreement of a nation’s responsibility.

We are already witnessing a ray of hope in the form of a new and freshly elected third democratic government in a row in a nation that saw martial laws after martial laws.

If, we have to survive as a nation, we have to forget about “Lahore Lahore hai”, “Karachi ki toh baat hi kuch aur hai”, “I love being Islamabadi..”; We have to strive as ONE BIG NATION OF CITIZENS WILLING TO BE TOGETHER!

We have to forget about our Provinces, because the means in which this word is now being used is proving disastrous for Pakistan. We have to come together for our Pakistan. Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Issai, Shia’a, Sunni, Memon, Mahajir, Pathan, Punjabi, Afghani, Kashmiri, Balochi etc etc …all the hatred for each other is to be put aside and we have to start following on the right path, seek for our forgiveness from the Lord Almighty, ask HIM (Subhan Wa Tallah) for help in even the teeniest of the matters and start working and molding our lives accordingly.

If each and everyone of us is going to take a stand, maybe tomorrow, we’ll have one, next week, it might be two and who knows, by the Grace of God, it might turn into millions in a short time, but we have to be patient and keep on working hard if we are willing to exist as a Nation, as ONE NATION, AS ONE “ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN!” Yes, that is the name of the country, ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN!

For us, it is now or never. We have to decide the path we are going to choose to walk on. We have to brush aside the differences and focus on our Pakistan. Because the Time Is Now! There is definitely a passionate Pakistani inside all of us, we just need to bring that out!


,اس وقت کے ساتھ چلنا ھوگا آج

اپنے کل کو بدلنا ھوگا آج۔

,نکلنا ھوگا بہار خوابون کی دنیا سے

اور پھچاننا ھوگا حقیقت کی گہرائی کو آج۔

,کرنا ھوگاّ قربان اہنکار کو اپنے

اور کندھون سے کندھے ملاکر چلنا ہوگا اب ساتھ۔

,نا کاراچی، نا لاہور۔۔۔ نا کوئٹہ، نا پشاور

کرنا ہوگا بندھ ان انگلیون کو اپنی اور اُترنا ہوگا میدان مین اب ایک ساتھ۔

,کرنا ہوگا اپنی ہمت سے زیادہ برداشت

کیون کہ اب لرنا ہے ہمین ایک ساتھ۔

,نا حکمران، نا سیاستدان

!اب خود ہی سنوارنا ہے ہمین اپنا پاکستان

To make it easy, I am going to write this in Roman Urdu as well.

Is waqt ke saath chalna hoga aaj,
Apnal aane waale kal ko badalna hoga aaj.

Nikalna hoga bahar khawabon ki duniya se,
Aur pehchaanna hoga haqeeqat ki gehraayi ko aaj.

Karna hoga Qurbaan Ana ko apni,
Kandhon se kandhay mila kar chalna hoga saath.

Naa Karachi, Naa Lahore, Naa Peshawar, Naa Quetta,
Karna hoga bandh in ungliyon ko apni aur utarna hoga maidaan main ab ek saath.

Karna hoga apni himmat se ziada bardaasht,
Kyun k ab larna hai hamain ek saath.

Naa Hukumraan, Naa Siasatdaan,
Ab Khud Hi Sanwaarna Hai Hamain Apna Pakistan!



Immad Uddin Khan

Empower Your Daughters The Way You Empower Your Sons

I often wonder why people deprive their kids of basic life skills based on their gender. Every kid deserves to be taught elementary life skills and should be well equipped with the vital expertise to survive in this world. Practical life is not a piece of cake and is highly unpredictable. Many individuals failed to withstand the difficult scenarios of life due to their incompetence. Some are even unable to help themselves in an hour of need.


Often, grown-ups in our societies are dependent on others for their day-to-day tasks and general needs. Lack of dexterity can be an obstacle in the way of flight and a probable reason of setback in the case of a fight. One of the biggest reasons for curtailed struggles is ineptness and dependency on adults.

In eastern societies, often boys are prohibited to perform basic chores due to cultural values and this turns them into incompetent adults who are incapable of running their routine errands independently. I am quite sure you all remember the “khana khud garam karlo” trend. They are dependent on female members of the house for even their basic needs and face issues when they encounter the challenges of life themselves. Living alone on their own is impracticable for them. They even don’t know how to prepare some snacks to kill their hunger or to do basic cooking to save themselves from starving. Washing their own dishes and doing their own laundry seems to them as the most difficult tasks of life. They have to layoff their wish of an organized living space due to laziness of doing it themselves. This incompetence and lack of dexterity affects their efficiency and hitch them to take a plunge in life.
On the contrary, in this same society girls are mostly bound to sit at home and perform home chores. They are usually given inadequate exposure of the outside world. As a consequence, they lack the communication skills and confidence to face the world. Young ladies are neither allowed to travel alone nor granted the freedom to drive their own cars. Banks are an alien place for most of the girls and doing grocery all by themselves are subjected to criticism. They are not empowered to take their own decisions even if it’s the most crucial matter in their life.

Pursuing a career and being financially self-sufficient is only a dream for a number of female members of our society. When these girls encounter the world or suffer adversity in their lives, they are often clueless of the desired course of action. They are dependent on others for running their errands smoothly. They need the others assistance to support their own kids as they had never supported themselves in their lives. Their journey of life depends on one relation or the other.

Break The Stereotype

It’s high time that the eastern societies change the way of upbringing their kids and stop following the age-old customs. Breaking stereotypes is now imperative and implementing the modern philosophy of life is crucial. No matter it’s a girl or a boy, both have to be taught basic life skills needed to be self-dependent and face the world. Young ladies and boys should be raised as confident and dexterous individuals to face all kind of scenarios and confront various circumstances without any hindrance. The boys must be taught to take care of themselves and be proficient enough to make their living unaided along with being street smart. The girls must be raised and taught about self-sustenance and be able to live autonomously if the need arises. Gender-biased attitude is needed to be modified; boys must be brought up as strong and caring men, and girls should be raised as powerful and strong women and not as men.


Dear Mom, I Am Sorry For Being a Failure

This post is a guest contribution. All the views expressed in this article are not from the owner of this website. Happy reading!

Little did you know that I was diagnosed with Depression in my early twenties. Every day, I would get up to fight suicidal thoughts for almost a decade of my life. Every night, I would cuddle up in my bed to fall asleep to a pillow soaked up in tears, begging an invisible God to have mercy upon me and allow the bed to swallow me up so I could just disappear. On multiple instances, I have held a blade to my wrist and a knife to my neck. And on every occasion, I would just get away with scars. I was too scared to follow through.

“You are weak. You are a loser. You can’t even kill yourself. You can’t even live a proper life. You are worthless to everyone. You are a huge failure for your family. You are a disgrace to your mother. You are a disappointment to your father. All it takes is a little push and yet, you can’t even get that right. The world would be such a better place without you living in it, you are taking up so much space. Such a huge disgrace to humanity you are.”

These are only some of the thoughts that buzzed through my head every day. Seems like a mentally retard person I am, huh? Yet, that was my real life. I was constantly moving inside a black hole, going round and round with no goals in life. I tried desperately to crawl my way out of this menace life of mine but it was too hard to just hold on, to stay alive and watch myself die another day.

And this was the good part.

The worst part was the fact that no one understood what it was like living the life I never wanted to live. In a populated world, I felt left out.

Yes, some people close to me did try to help me out but it was all in vain. The blood that was gushing through my veins was not willing to stay in peace. I always felt that I wasn’t good enough to deserve what everyone else seemed to have. I always felt Karma was making me pay the price for being a failure to my mom. I still feel the same.

So on this auspicious occasion of Mother’s Day, I would like to share an Open Letter to My Mom and acknowledge the fact that I am a Failure. I was a failure and I am still a failure.

Dear Mom,

I am sorry. I am sorry for being a pathetic person when all you wanted me to be was a good human being. I am sorry I am not the perfect kid you made me out to be. I know I have failed you on multiple occasions and I continue to do that till this day. I am sorry that I am not the kid you wanted me to be. I am sorry I could not follow the life you wanted me to follow because I was too weak in my studies and could never get what they were teaching to me.

I am sorry for being the reason behind your heart breaks. I admit that I hate seeing that look in your eyes. The look that tells me that your heart is broken. And the worst part, I feel even more weak knowing that I have broken it. It disgusts me to know I am the reason you feel so helpless. I know you feel like you have failed as a mother. Please let me assure you that’s the furthest thing from the truth.

As of now, all I know is heaviness in my heart and suffocation in my lungs. I feel like I am being pressed from all the corners and there is not enough air left for me to breathe. I feel like someone deliberately sucked away all the oxygen from my side of the earth, except that everyone else seems to be breathing just fine. I am trying to gasp for air but there is not enough left for me to take in. I am dying. Slowly and painfully. I can see my life withering away from me, bit by bit.

Mom, I believe this is the power karma holds over people. I know I have been a huge mess for you throughout life and I continue being your most chaotic kid. I know I am the ominous one. I am sorry for making you mad at me for no reason every time you look or talk to me. I am sorry for taking away your happy moments by being there and doing nothing. I am sorry for having a rotten attitude problem that only fuels my depression and make me more bodeful.

I am sorry for being a jerk at all times and giving you pain that I never wanted to give. Maybe I should have been more careful and should have kept it all hidden inside me. I am sorry you had to feel shame because of me every time you walked into a meeting about me. I am sorry I could not be more like my other siblings. I am sorry I could never live up to the standards of life you went out of your way to set for me, the standards that I always failed to reach no matter how hard I tried.

Remember when I went completely shut during my pre-teen years and you thought I was throwing tantrums? I wish I could tell you I was molested by the servants. I wish I could tell you I was raped multiple times by the guy you who was supposed to keep me safe from harm. I wish I could tell you how painful it was to be molested as a child and live to tell that story. I wish. But I don’t want you to know that because I know I would again be a huge disgrace to you and the whole family knowing that I lost my boyhood to an animal.

Yes, I was molested. Not once. Not twice. Multiple times. I wanted him to stop. I could not help but give in to his power. I was scared and it hurt a lot. But he went on with the quick push. I never liked it, it always hurt, but it was over in a few seconds. One of the reasons why I want to die. I know it will hurt but at least it will all be over in a few seconds. At least then it will be done. End of the chapters. End of the story. End of the worldly pain. I am already hurting day in and day out, let’s just get over with it.

I really want to get over with it. Finish it off once and for all. I am already tired of all the sufferings. I am tired of feeling bad all the time and I am tired watching people around me trying to make things better only to make them worse. And then I feel even worse because I make those who care for me feel bad, and that makes feel like a piece of worthless junk. It is just a never ending cycle of worthlessness.

But you know what, mother? No matter how incredibly peaceful that sounds, there is a small part inside me that knows it really is not that easy. It knows that it won’t be over. Maybe it would be over for me, but it would be over for you, dad or my siblings. You all would have to live with my choice for the rest of your lives. You have never admired me for my choice and I have already caused you a lot of pain with the choices that I have made in my life. Maybe that is what keeps me going. My choices in life have already been a cause of sorrow and anger in life for all, specially you, and I don’t want to cause any more in death. I would be a real piece of shit then, wouldn’t I?Then I’d really be a piece of shit, wouldn’t I?

Mom, maybe you don’t realize how much you are actually helping me at being alive. Your life is the reason I am still kicking and breathing. So how could that possibly make you a failure at motherhood? I don’t think so. In my book, I think you are the savior. When I hold that sharp knife to my wrist and gather up the courage to slice my life away, I have your image reflecting at the back of my mind. The thought of you being devastated knowing what I have done with my pitiful life leaves me with no choice but to put that knife down, and for one more day, pretend that I am alive.

I am sorry mom. I am sorry for being the burden of your choices. I am sorry for being the eater of your world. I am sorry for not listening to you when you were not happy about how I did my hair, or the way I dressed up, or how I never looked after my body. You always try to make sure that I remain the best of myself. But I am the one that fails you all the time.

You always try to tell me to look on the bright side of the things. To fake a smile. To do this and to do that and to look for that and to go there, and while none of this ever helps, I know your intentions are always pure. I know you are always trying to help. It does not seem to be working. I can sometimes see that when you are angry, you are angry at your helplessness. You lash out at me because I am the one reflecting your helplessness back at you. I am the one that comes between you and your futile attempts to make life better for me. I know you have tried, and tried, and tried. And tried. I know it must have been tiring for you, mom. You must be exhausted. I know I am.

Mom, I’m sorry for all of it, because it’s all my fault. I am sorry I could not be the successful kid you aspired me to be and I am sorry for failing at life so miserably. I am sorry for being the jerk that never cared for anyone’s feeling. I am sorry for allowing my worst part to take over my whole life.

I am sorry for never making it up to you. I know it will get better.

Your Cursed Child

About The Author:

I would rather not want to be known. I am scared people are going to bully me for being like this because I am a guy. I wish you all the best and want to let you know that you are doing a good job. I came to your blog from a post you wrote about a conversation you had with a prostitute and I thought I can share my honest letter with you.

5 Tips To Master The Art Of Content Writing

[amazon_textlink asin=’0123859301′ text=’Content writing‘ template=’ProductLink’ store=’ikhanmaddy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’7b9524fa-5108-11e8-a2cf-f54695373778′] is not a difficult job. If you are familiar with your target audience, you are already half way to creating great content. But as easy as it is to create great content, it can be easier to get lost while creating the right content. It’s easy to wander around when you are working with words.

If you don’t want to get lost and are looking to master the [amazon_textlink asin=’0321794435′ text=’art of content writing‘ template=’ProductLink’ store=’ikhanmaddy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’9043f145-5108-11e8-a5ae-6bcc65e396a1′], then consider these five tips. These tips will help you stay on track and churn out awesome content for your target audience.

content writing skills

Research and Answer Questions Already Asked by your Audience

When starting out with your content, it is best to stick to the basic questions that your targeted customers are asking. Some of the best content pieces I have come across weren’t unique. They just answered the obvious questions that were there in the mind of the customers. There is a reason why the ever famous and reliable How To’s work wonders with Google’s ranking algorithm.

You need to figure out these questions and the kind of audience you are catering. Usually, questions depend on the type of business and the industry you are serving. Identifying what your customers like to read is easier if you have built the right customer profiles and matched them to your business goals. You can do a brainstorming session within your company and figure out what your customers are looking for, for example:

  • What answers is your target audience seeking?
  • What is their online search behavior?
  • What are they searching for?
  • What are the FAQ’s asked by your customers?
  • What are they talking about on social media?

Once you have a road-map drawn, you can start writing a series of content pieces that will answer all the questions. This will be the content that is going to come up in SERP’s, get shares on social media and will create a buzz around your business. You can start searching for the questions on Quora. Look into the Twitter trends or follow your preferred hashtags. You can also search the trends using Google Trends. The idea is to find out what your audience is looking to read.

Don’t go Overboard with the Tone

Going overboard with the language of your content can prove to be counter intuitive. Almost all content writers love showing off how much good they are with vocabulary, buzzwords and jargon. But, this will not help you.

In fact, the more difficult language that you are going to use as compared to the one your customers use, the more detached you will get from them. As a result, your content would become less accessible to your target audience.

Try and figure out the words your target customers use in communicating about the industry. Use those words in your content. Use them in your headlines and paragraphs, to all the way down to your conclusion.

This practice is also beneficial from [amazon_textlink asin=’1491948965′ text=’SEO‘ template=’ProductLink’ store=’ikhanmaddy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’2b60bc27-510b-11e8-8b18-fb1894466f8b’] perspective as well. It sends a clear message to search engines that your content is related to the keywords searched by your target audience.

Seek Attention with Your Content 

When you are producing content, think of it as means of doing trade. It is like a barter system, where you give something of value to get value in exchange. With content, you are asking the audience to give attention to your brand. If you are looking for attention through your content, you need to put value into your content.

You need to ensure that your content is engaging and seeking the right kind of attention from your readers. If your readers are coming in to your blog and moving away from your website, then you need to look into this issue on priority basis. Maybe your website is slow. Maybe it is not attractive looking or maybe, you are writing the wrong form of content for your target audience. Provide value to your readers to get value in return.

But remember: The value provided by your content needs to be separate from the sales pitch about your products.

Make Your Content Easy to Skim

A common notion about content is that it is not read anymore. To an extent, this is not true. People do not read in depth like they used to before. There is a lot of information overload nowadays as compared to previous years. People have more choices to read, listen and watch then they have ever had today.

With the increasing content, readers have also adjusted their reading habits. They usually skim through the entire piece and figure out what part is worth reading. Now this is where the copy writing skills of a good content writer come in to play. You have to craft the right headings, with reasonable paragraphs, and the right bullet points to keep the reader engaged in your content. This would ensure that the idea of your content piece is communicated to the reader, even if they skim it through.

Leave The Reader Coming Back For More

Finally, it is important to leave room for conversation open. Yes, it is important that you answer the questions your readers have on their minds, but at the same time, you should let them have the last word on the topic. You want to have the readers engage with your content, ask the right questions, provide feedback, and come back to you for more content on the topic of discussion.

Do not take all the air out of your topic of discussion. Leave the readers with curiosity so that they come back to you for curbing it. Always leave a room for the conversation to continue.

Final (Bonus) Tip:

Keep experimenting. You cannot hit the jackpot with your very first content piece. Okay, maybe you can if luck is on your side but that is rarity. Keep using different styles and forms of content. Mix and stir different combinations and see what works for you and your audience. Integrate analytics from the very beginning so that you do not lose out on crucial user data.

Wrap Up

I have been in this field from quite sometime now and I am still an amateur. You can imagine the amount of practice and hard work the field of content writing requires. It took me many domains and hosting accounts to get to this place where I am now. Experimenting is the key to success. These tips are only some of the tips that I have come across during my short career. These tips can give you a head start to mastering the art of content writing. These are only 5 tips on how to master the art of content writing and I am sure there are many.

What tips do you have in mind? What have you been taught/learned that you are willing to share with the readers? Lets share and learn from each other.